Wednesday 6 February 2013

My "Little Red"

Meet my
"Little Red"
She took me out of my comfort zone a little as the dress is fully lined
with no seam allowances to be seen and the cape is also fully lined.
I don't sew clothing so it was "interesting" to fumble my way through.
I am so pleased with how she has turned out :o)

I love the details of the hair, the mushrooms and the shoelaces.
Not to mention that she has "undies" and
I even got the stripes of her socks to line up.
Lily had a little play with her yesterday and when she has finished she
gave her back to me (how sweet of her). So when Lily isn't playing
with "Little Red" she is sitting here looking after "the boys" (the Robots)
 also designed by Jodie at Ric Rac.
So now my thoughts are turning to another one (or two) of Jodies  creations.
(borrowed photos!)
Arthur Cabbage or Elsie Cabbage first?
hugs, Sharon


  1. Little Red is lovely, your "fumbling" looks pretty good to me. Arthur is cute.

  2. she is so cute... I have that pattern, just not the courage to do it!! you might need to do both cabbages????? they are such fun

  3. wow Shaz you are amazing she looks fantastic,you are getting the hang of making little things now,watch out they are addictive,i love the cabbage family,very cute,i will check Ballarat patchwork for you before our bloggy sat,can you send me your mobile no please.xx

  4. She is just cute as can be! You did a great job for a first time doll. Her hair is lovely and well defined. Any little girl would be proud to be able to play with her.

  5. Little red is so cute, you did well for not being a clothes stitcher, Arthur and Elsie are sweet, I'd start with Elsie then Red would have a friend... ;)

  6. Well done Sharon, your "Little Red" is adorable. Maybe one day I can bring my "little red" to come and play with yours. (I am a proud & lucky owner of a Jodie Original and don't have any little girls to share her with - she is mine - all mine - insert evil laugh)
    I think the Cabbage Children are very cute too. I would make an Arthur as he reminds me of my youngest, and my Dad & my Granddad.

  7. You have done a wonderful job of Little Red. She is very cute. Hugs.....

  8. She is a lovely little doll. A girl can't have too many dollies, no matter what her age....debbie

  9. Oh she is a red..oopps real cutie!! :)

  10. Arthur is pretty spunky! Little Red is a real sweetie!

  11. She looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing another doll soon.

  12. Too cute. I have that pattern and have done one doll with a different dress.

  13. My 3yr old gd loves the look of 'red', might have to make her one Sharon. Sharyn:)

  14. She is so cute sharon - you have done a wonderful job of her. Dolls are a bit addictive - I have many. Your next two are gorgeous also - better do them together I think - too hard to decide which one to do first. I did a class with Jodie in November - she is as much of a character as the ones she designs.

  15. She is adorable & I love her little lace up shoes. The robots are great & colourful too. xx

  16. You've done a fantastic job Sharon.

  17. Little Red did turn out precious! Would like to try a doll sometime!


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