Tuesday 5 February 2013

Happy .... Go ..... Lucky .....

I am having a Happy time in my sewing space.

I have been busy working on my
"Little Red"
Designed by Jodie at RicRac.
Here is a sneak peak of her so far.
It is nice to be working on something that is not a Quilt.
I am finding it a little challenging as I am not used to sewing "small stuff"
and / or clothing but so far so good on Little Red.

Have you seen the wonderful Kitchen Towels that Shez makes?
Not only is Shez very clever but she is very generous.
Look what she sent me :)
I am so spoilt and they match my kitchen décor perfectly

HUGE thank you Shez.

I can give my Christmas one a little rest now as it has been
working overtime in the last few months :)
Oh and look what I got my Hot Little Hands on Yesterday :) 

What to do with them?

Off to ponder the possibilities :)
hugs, Sharon


  1. Little Red is looking awesome... lovely towels and pretty fabric.... I wonder what you will decide to make

  2. little red is looking good Shaz,i am glad you love the towels and wonder if you can make something small with these,lol,hangon i have thought of something,i will email you.xx

  3. Your little doll is looking good. Great hand towels and any fabric from Bonnie and Camille is fabulous. Hugs.....

  4. Little red is looking good,and I love the towels.
    Shez very kindly led me to the tutorial for those and I was buying hand towels today.
    Will be watching to see what you do with the fabric.....
    Hugs Laura xx

  5. Little red looks gorgeous - I look forward to seeing her in her finished state! ... And the towels, as always, are fantastic! Well done Shez!! ... Will be watching to see what you come up with for the happy-go-lucky fabric! I adore this range, and am definitely going to get some to add to my collection!! Enjoy your child-free days ahead!!

  6. Little Red is looking very cute, lovely towels too!

  7. Little Red is going to be so sweet! It's nice to tackle something different isn't it?


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