Monday 4 February 2013

What? When? How?

Oh My, can someone please make the time slow down, just a little?
Our baby girl started Kinder this morning.
(She loves showing off her new bag)
and she LOVED it.
No tears, no separation anxiety just pure excitement.
Then this afternoon she went back to Ballet for her second year.
More pure joy and excitement.  Problem though, she must have grown.
Grown a lot. Her ballet uniform does not fit!   Arghh
Oh well, new one is on order :)
So in light of all this a "photo shoot" was called
before everyone ran out the front door this morning.
"Age order"

Then I asked them to "mix it up a little"

What?  When? How did that kid get so tall? lol
Dearest Aiden is now taller than me and heading into year 9.
Year 9, really? How?  Someone please explain.
Dec is in Year 8, yep I can handle that but Keegan?
Grade 5, How? When did she grow up?
Oh my, I need a wine and take all this in :)
My baby (Lily) is home with me tomorrow so no more shocks there,
but come Wednesday she is back at Kinder and OMG it is Aiden's Birthday.
Happy (early)  Birthday my "Baby" that is now taller than me "Boy".
Better start thinking about a birthday cake,
Now where was that wine?
hugs, Sharon


  1. my what a beautiful family Sharon,hope they are all enjoying being back at school and that miss Lil is loving kinder and yes you poor thing you need a wine because they will be all grownup before you know it.xx

  2. I love it when you take a family photo like this and then realise how much everyone has grown! It's a shock.
    What a gorgeous bunch you have Sharon. Don't worry my eldest towers over me too!
    I think I cried more on Kinder day than my girls!
    Enjoy your lovely family.
    Therese xx

  3. Your kids are gorgeous Sharon.. I'm with you on the stopping time bit.. just for a little bit, so we can soak it up a little more. sniff. I'll come share a wine with you! Happy Birthday to your son, and anniversary of the day you became a mom! :) xoxo

  4. It is crazy how fast the time goes. They look like a very happy bunch....good work Mum and Dad.

  5. An exciting day for all. A little sad for Mum. They grow so fast, my baby is 36 in March, wait until you are saying that Sharon, now that is very scary. Hugs.....

  6. What gorgeous children Sharon. It is scary where the time goes - seems like yesterday my girls were born - I can remember it like it was yesterday lol- and now I have two little granddaughters.

  7. You make me laugh Sharon.But yes they grow so fast and the years just fly.My baby's are 28and 33,so when did I get so old.Im still18 in my head LOL
    You have a beautiful family.
    A very happy birthday to your lad.
    Love Laura xx
    Ps enjoy the glass......

  8. Hey... it's great the Lily loves Kinder. Imagine how you would be feeling if she was upset. Both of you would be crying buckets then. You could always add a new one to the nest to keep you busy...;o)

  9. I know Lily is going to love kinder. These kids do keep growing, don't they! Mitchell and Austin are way taller than me and Nelson has reached my height or may possibly have now passed me!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and lovely family... capturing special moments.... enjoy the wine.... haha....

  11. A beautiful family Sharon.

  12. It is a bit scary how quickly they grow!! You have a gorgeous family, hugs.

  13. The older we get the faster time seems to fly past. I ran into someone I havent seen for ages the other day and she asked how the girls were and had the biggest shock of her life to hear that they were 14 and 16!


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