Thursday 7 February 2013

Initial Hearts and a Cake!

Initial Heart Swaps gifts are being sent and received all over at the moment
and mine arrived yesterday :)
I was very lucky to be receiving from Kaye over at Kitten Stitching
Very Spoilt as you can see.
Here is a closer look at my new beautiful framed cross stitch.
My new frames Cross stitch is going to live in my sewing space
so I can enjoy it each and every day.
Thank you Kaye.
Also arriving at its destination yesterday was the gift I send to
Maria over at The Next Stage
I decided to make Maria a Matryoshka Angel from
Rosalie Quinlan's book "Gift" 

and added some yummy Creamy Milk Chocolates
 with Praline and Crispy Wafer centre. Knew I should have
grabbed another one for me :o)

a Craft Keeper and some threads also.
And to finish off our day yesterday we got to enjoy
Birthday Cake
as requested by the Birthday Boy - Aiden

 Looks good, even if I do say so myself but tasted even better!

Have a great day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. What a lovely cross stitch piece you got.. and a very cute angel you sent.... so special....
    Great cake... love it.... yummy....

  2. wonderful parcel sent and received Sharon love your little Matryoshka angel,lovely heart stitchery from Kaye.
    Boy i bet Aiden was impressed with that cake,i know i am,lol,mouth watering here,lol,have a good day my friend.xx

  3. Kaye has made you a beautiful heart. And Maria's angel is gorgeous. This was certainly a fun swap. That cake looks very rich but yummy!

  4. Great gifts both sent and received by you. The little angel is so wonderful! Your cake looks so yummy!

  5. I'm on my way round for a slice of that cake,lol
    Great gifts comming and going Sharon.
    Laura XX

  6. Lovely gifts given and received Sharon. Wow that cake looks beautiful, bet it was enjoyed by all. Hugs.....

  7. Chocolate overload......what a way to go. Happy Birthday mr 15.

  8. Lovely gifts sent and received and my that birthday cake looks decadent.

  9. Lovely gifts, and that Birthday cake... WOW how scrumptious looking.

  10. Love the gifts, how lucky are you! but even more so love the cake, I am the Malteser Queen, my absolute favourite !! You'll have to give me the recipe, I mean one has an obligation to try these things!!!
    Therese xx

  11. How lovely is your cross stitch and that cake, wow. Sharyn:)

  12. Lovely gifts going to and from. Your cross stitch heart is beautiful. That cake looks like a winner.

  13. All the gifts and cake look YuMMy!!! Wonderful swap items going and coming. Well done Sharon. So pleased you played along... :)

  14. Lovely heart swap pressies too and fro Sharon. Love that cake - looks like my sort of cake

  15. So glad that you like your heart - I really enjoyed making it for you. That cake is most impressive!

  16. All so beautiful! And that cake looks scrumptious!

  17. Oh wow, what a cake!!!...and the gifts are lovely too..


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