Thursday 3 January 2013

Friends making Quilts Together

Girls Day Out
Designed by Libby Richardson
 Stitched by Us!
So far there are 8 of us who are going to stitch this quilt.
If you want to join in, please do.
Just leave me a comment and I can add you to the sidebar,
just over here on the right.  You don't need a Blog,
Also feel free to grab the "I'm Stitching" button below and the
"Friends Making Quilts Together" button above

There is no fixed timeline.
We are here to have fun and provide encouragement
to each other to make this wonderful quilt. 
The first block is the centre of the quilt,
the "Patchwork Shop".
I am looking forward to seeing what fabrics everyone works with.
I am hoping to start the prep work on my first block next week.
Have a great day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Olá Sharon,

    Gostaria muito de participar do grupo para fazer o quilt.

  2. All though I won't be stitching along I will certainly be happily watching the progress.

  3. Lovely new stitch along quilt. I'd love to participate, but am time poor. I'll enjoy watching your progress x

  4. I am sooo looking forward to making this quilt. Especially with 7 others to spur me on... :)

  5. looking forward to starting next week Shaz.xx

  6. It's a very pretty quilt.
    I won't be joining in,but I will be watching your progress .
    Laura xx

  7. I have alway wanted to make this quilt. Working on it with others would be great.
    I would love to join in on this quilt. I have ordered the patterns just waiting on there arrival.


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