Tuesday 1 January 2013

Joining in on the fun.

Have you heard about the
 Scrappy Trip Along?
 There are photos popping up all over Instagram
(lilabellelane if you want to add me)
As you know I like to make at lest one scrap quilt a year and lets face it,
my Scrap quilt from last year (Bottled Rainbow), although it looks great, it didn't really use
up a lot of my scraps so this one is going to make up for that shortfall.
I also have another Scrap quilt on my to do list this year, so who knows
it might be a bit of a "Scrappy Year".
Anyway, back to the Scrappy Trip Along :O)
With all the photos popping up and my desire to use my scraps,
because lets face it, why save them if you don't use them?
I have jumped in head first.
 Each block is 12" finished and I have no idea how big I am
going to make mine.  At the moment I am thinking it would
be  great Picnic Quilt so it might be large :o)
Here are my first 4 blocks
I only started mine tonight and I apologise for the dodgy night time photo.
I already had my scrap boxes out working on something else (I will share soon)
so now their contents are well and truly all over the floor!
 You can find the tutorial HERE.  
If you want to see more of the Scrappy Trip quilts there is also a Flickr Group HERE.
Please Beware though....it's addicting!
The three eldest children are off on a little Train trip tomorrow to go see their Grandparents for a few days so hopefully I will have a chance to get some more blocks made whilst they are away. I am sure Lily will keep me busy until 5pm each day, then when Dad gets home she will focus on him and I can sneak off to my sewing space :o)  Sounds like a plan right?
Hugs, Sharon


  1. sounds like a good plan Shaz,love your block,i always love seeing what you are up to.xx

  2. Always full of inspiration and ideas, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Thanks for sharing, this looks like fun!

  4. Good plan.looking forward to seeing this one grow.
    Also looking forward to all your projects this year,
    Laura xx

  5. Pretty block! I did a scrappy green version last year - it's a fun pattern.

  6. This looks promising although I don't have the scrap stash just yet. I love the block you have made so far and will enjoy seeing some more soon.

  7. I was looking for a scrap project and quickly made one block last night. I can't wait to get sewing today. I have a piece of batting perfect for this. I am thinking of making if a charity quilt!

  8. that will be lovely... scraps do have a way of growing!

  9. It's always great to know the ideas that float around with what to do with scraps. Thanks

  10. Looks lovely Sharon, I will enjoy watching your quilt grow!

  11. It looks great Sharon! I'm sure this will be a great adventure for you! :)

  12. Lead me not into temptation! Never mind, I'm already there. I was looking for a new leader/ender project for the year and this just might be it. Thanks!


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