Thursday 3 January 2013

What I have been up to?

3 days into the new year and I am playing with scraps.
In a major way. Want to see?

I have been bitten by the #srappytripalong bug
that has spread like a wildfire across Instagram and Flickr.
I made 4 blocks the first night

Then made 8 more on Wed (yesterday) so that takes me to 12

and I have dug all these out of my scrap containers.

I am looking forward to playing with them later today.
I have also sorted all the left over / scrap fabric from my
Merry Merry Snowman Quilt
and now that my Vignette Quilt does not live in my table in the
lounge room I have this set up for my night time sewing.
This is almost how I left it last night as I did remove the empty coffee cup
before taking this pic :o)
I am starting with round and pointed 2"  Dresden's.
Each one will be appliqued onto a square.
Not sure where it will go or what it will turn into.
All will depend on how far the scraps go.
I do plan of picking up bigger Dresden's next time I am at my LQS 
(Thank you for this sewing set Shez, it is perfect for keeping everything
for this project handy in the lounge)
Speaking of Shez :) do you remember that she gave me this book
in our Christmas Swap.
I have also started a project from it and am only using Scraps again.
Right down to batting scraps.
Here are my new Scrap containers :)
Much more inspiring that the boring plastic tubs hidden in the linen press!
It will mean that I will have to "claim" more shelves on the book case.
Looks like the boys books are destined for their room.
Just as well they are away. I might be able to do that without them
noticing too much :o)
I have made these bigger than in the book. Mine are 8" x 9" and then 9" tall.
Huge, you should see how much fits in them.
So that's 3 done and about 7 to go.  They might be on hold though until
I get my #srappytripalong top done :o)
So there you have it, three new projects, all using scraps.
If this does not bust my scrap collection nothing will!

Before I go.
Tomorrow night I am going to sit a sew with friends.
Do you want to come?
 Everyone is WelcoMe
Pop on over to see Cheryll and sign up HERE
and whilst you are there how about signing up for her

It is a simple and thoughtful one to start the year off with.

I have also joined the "Stitch-along" again for 2013

This year it is a mix of smaller projects from those three books.
I have ordered the two I don't have so am patiently awaiting their arrival.

Talk again soon,
hugs Sharon


  1. Gorgeous projects Sharon, the storage containers are a great idea, love them! Hugs Wendy

  2. Wow, you have been a busy girl, Sharon!! I love your scrappy trip along blocks and those darling bins are to dye for!!

  3. Yet again you have been a super sewer. Everything looks gorgeous.

  4. Wow Sharon have you slept since Christmas, your projects are beautiful,

  5. So inspiring to see what you have planned. Love the scrap boxes.

  6. I have to admit to a fear of scraps Sharon - love having them just have trouble putting them together. I tried making the Vignette hexie quilt out of scraps but have gone off it as I don't like all the random fabrics together. I do run the risk of being a bland quilter! I love the storage boxes & yes quick, move the boys books. I love books but the boxes are so pretty. Tracee xx

  7. ihi sharon i have just been told about your blog today and would love to join in the girls day out stitchalong. my blocks have been sitting in the cupboard for a long time and this might help me to finish it.
    regards maria

  8. Hi Shaz i am very impressed with your projects,i think you sew in your sleep.Another amazing post my friend,have fun with your scraps.xx

  9. GOsh you have been busy. Love your fabric boxes, are they easy to make? Have a cubby hole thingy in my kitchen which always looks untidy. These would be great for there. Will be joining you with stitching tomorrow night for FNWF. Hugs....

  10. you are always so busy Sharon.......welcome to the 2013 SAL.....

  11. Wow! You have been busy! The Scrappy Tripalong is very addictive, isn't it!? ANd I love your baskets- very bright, colurful and useful too! Stay cool!

  12. Very busy. Love those blocks you have done and showed Mum today and she is hell bent on starting on it soon too. Mum has a stash to die for. Mainly all over the house lol.

  13. Ohhh your scrap blocks are to die for, can see the addiction!...I like your scrappy fabric boxes..a great idea!

  14. Scrap blocks are lovelySharon.I love making boxes,so I'm sure to love those that you have made.Given me another idea.....
    Laura xxx

  15. PHew... some fantastic projects... I want to do that scrappy one too so need to start sorting scraps to see if they are long enough.... the fabric boxes are AWESOME....

  16. I bought myself the same book for Christmas and can't wait to make some of the projects. Your boxes look fab - did you sew the vinyl pocket on or let the exterior colour speak for itself?


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