Sunday 4 November 2012

Be warned I am going to mention that "C" Word

There is a little bit of the festive season sneaking up on you in this post - Be warned :o)
Have you noticed some little changes?
Christmas themed changes?
I have added a little Christmas counter up top and
what do you think of the little alteration to my header?

Christmas is also being planned for in our home,
Yesterday we rearranged the lounge room in readiness
for the Christmas tree but don't worry it wont be going up until
6 weeks before Christmas :)
There is also some Christmas Sewing happening that I can share.
First up is the stitching that I had planned for Friday night that I finished last night.
Block 9 of  Merry Merry Snowman.

The plan for tonight is to work on Block 8 and then sit back and wait for the final
instalment later this month which is borders then to think about the quilting.
I would love to have it finished and up on the wall this year.
Fingers crossed.
Here is a sneak peak of the 12" Mini that I am working on for the above swap.

It is a secret swap so it's safe to post here.
Are you in this swap?
Maybe this one is for you :)
Advent Swap
I have finalised all the gifts.
Have them wrapped and labelled.
Just need to box them up and get them ready to post later this month.
Hoop-la-la Swap
I have finished this one also but can't show you much more than this at the moment.
I hope that my partner likes the use of two hoops.
OK, should stop playing with my new toy and do something a little
more constructive :o)
hugs, Sharon.


  1. Not the C word! Shh! It won't be heard in this house until the kids and I finish exams in three weeks...

  2. Christmas?????????? WHAT!!! I do like your new header and your Merry Merry Snowman block is darling!! And so is your little mini snowman!! And I personally know how cool the front side of that hoop is going to look!! :-)) But can't wait to see it!!

  3. Resistance is futile! Christmas is finding it's way into my house too. It's lovely to have hand made gifts and decorations.

  4. It sneaks up when you are least looking doesn't it! I love the C word though! Great new look for Christmas too! :)

  5. Wow you've been busy! Your snowman is adorable!

  6. I like your new look Sharon. You are certainly getting ready for Christmas!

  7. All your snowmen look gorgeous Sharon and I love the Christmas touches on your blog.

  8. Lol! I *don't* want to know that!!! - Boy has this year moved along quickly!! Hard to believe it's so close!! ... Your snowman looks adorable!! ... And those advent swap items look so yummy, all wrapped up just so!! ... Looks like you're enjoying getting the hang of your new toy!! Hugs!!

  9. such luverly Christmas stitching Sharon.....I can't believe it's nearly time for the big fat man to arrive!!!! Where did the year go??? Must get onto my secret 'C' stitching veeeery soon!
    xox sugary hugs
    wendy :O)

  10. Phew, was worried you were going to talk about carrots - no offense to the snowmens noses intended. I would be very happy if that mini snowman came to live at my house. Tracee xx

  11. Lovely work as usual Sharon. Wouldnt I just love to dive into those great looking

  12. Your header is great !! I love it !
    You give me the impulse to sew again the merry snowmen !!!
    You have been very busy with all the gifts !!

  13. Such a cute block - love it!

  14. Your snowman block is sooo cute!


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