Saturday 3 November 2012

Stitching with Friends

How did your Friday stitching with Friends go?

I started out with the best of plans.
Set myself up, threads laid out, blocks ready to go and coffee made.

And all went well for about the first hour.
Then Glenn came home from work, a discussion took place,
We went for a drive, ended up buying pizza for tea then spend
The rest of the night with my new toy :)

and how cool is my laptop bag. Matches my luggage set!

You may remember that my computer did its last shut down
a week or so ago and hasn't "fired up" since :(

Now i have a new baby to play with.
Let me just say though, I don't like change so trying to get my head
around Windows 8 is going to be interesting.

Now, to reinstall and re book mark everything agin, a swell as save
all those email addresses again :(.

And just so you know, I am doing this post on my iPad!
Still need to "master" my new toy - might take a while. Lol

I have rescheduled my stitching for tonight so will share my progress with you tomorrow.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Oooh how exciting! Enjoy your new baby... and give it plenty of exercise to keep it! :)

  2. New babies can be REALLY exciting! Enjoy!!!

  3. Not stitching, but still exciting......I'm sure you'll catch up.

  4. Have fun playing with your new baby. Hope you manage to get some stitching done tonight.

  5. ohhh very nice Sharon,have fun and remember the more you use it the more you will get used to it,have fun with it,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  6. How wonderful and you did technically do some stitching LOL. Enjoy that new Baby...hope it doesn't keep you up at night too much.

  7. Good luck...I hope he plays nice! And sometimes unlearning the old stuff is the hardest part!

  8. Congrats on the laptop and what a wonderful cover for it too. I've heard about windows 8 but haven't seen it yet. Apparently it is the bees knees. I now have a near new laptop to use too so no more punctuation or commenting dramas lol. I've enjoyed watching your work over the last few weeks too. You always have something wonderful to share even if it is a sneak peak.

  9. What a great FNWF result!!! A new toy to play with, lol!!! Have fun!!

  10. Nice!
    Jealous - much, it is my dream to have one of those toys to complete my Sony set.

    Enjoy playing and stitching.

  11. Sharon, woo hoo for you, happy learning on the new toy...
    Tell the kids it is one thing that Mummy is NOT sharing!

  12. OOOhhhh happy playing with your new toy,I had to do this a couple of years ago with windows 7 on my then new lap top,you'll soon get used to it :) Barb.
    P.S:How did you get the christmas countdown widget onto your blog????

  13. Oooh a lovely new toy. My laptop is a white Sony Vaio too - but on the old windows operating system. Enjoy!!

  14. OMG! I want that Sony Vaio laptop. It truly a high end gadget. It would be sweet if someone can give me that for Christmas. Wishing.
    Urologist Wellington, FL

  15. I know how those nights go. Congrats on you new sony. I looove sony computers. My first tower computer was a sony and I had it for like 7 yrs. It was computer!

  16. Correction: It was "a great" computer! Got to slow my fingers down, lol.


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