Friday 2 November 2012

A rare moment

Yesterday there was a rare moment when this happened.

Miss Lily has a Toy Story "thing" at the moment, actually it's
been going in for quite a while now but I guess it just did not
hold her attention very well yesterday.
So in this rare moment, what did I do?

Play of course :)

Yes, I know, it's something new and I really should finish something else off first.
Oh well, it's started now! :)

I got some happy mail

My FQ Bundle of Vintage Modern that a won over at Fabric Mutt arrived.
As much as I would love to cut into it right now I will try my best to be disciplined.

I am off to spotlight this morning to grab some threads to work on my
Merry Merry Snowman BOM tonight as part of

Then I have to face the fact that my cute baby girl is really not a baby anymore and take her to her Kinder Orientation session this afternoon.

She is ready for it but me, not so!

Have a great Friday.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Aren't they angels when they're asleep? It's hard to let go of your baby, hope you both have a good afternoon.x Happy stitching tonight.

  2. so cute Sharon and congrats on your lovely win,gorgeous fabric,how sad your baby is growing up to fast,you will adjust,lol.there maybe a few tears,lol,from you not Lil.xx

  3. You lucky girl... The sleeping bub and the fat quarter bundle. I love making new things but hardly ever finishing them. It must be a quilting thing. ;)

  4. Oh wow! She actually sleeps during the day?!!! The only times my little one does that these days is if we've had a *particularly* long week of late nights ... or if she's at childcare and all the other kids are having a sleep too!! ... We have Preschool orientation morning tea later in the month, and like you I'm not so sure I'm eager for my little one to start going to school yet - she's too little!!! Lol!! 4.5 yrs old and she's already doing things kids in my mother's Transition class (after Preschool, before year 1) can't do (for example, she pulled out a ruler from the drawer yesterday, lined it up perfectly on her page, and drew a perfectly straight line ... followed by several more!! She ended up with a fantastically straight grid - which she then cut in half beautifully ... all on her own!! My mother (as well as me, of course) was SUPER impressed, especially after she found out that it had been done without my supervision!! Lol! ... They grow up SO FAST don't they?!!! ... The Vintage Modern fabric line is one of my favourites - too bad I won't be getting my hands on one unless I get enough Christmas money to cover it on top of the new printer I need!!! I look forward to seeing what you decide to make with it!!! Hugs!

  5. Love vintage and modern,as I keep saying it is just yummy.
    Miss Lilly looks comfy on the sofa bless her.
    It's really hard Sharon when your last baby starts to grow wings,it will be school before you know it.
    Laura xx

  6. Such a cute photo of Lilly, it looks like you made good use of her nap time! I look forward to seeing what all those triangles turn into! Wendy xx


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