Saturday 17 November 2012


How was your FNSI?
Mine was busy.
I started by prepping my last strip of the Vignette Mystery Quilt
to take with me to the Blogger meet today,
hopefully I might get a little done on it in between talking  :)
Then decided that I needed another project, "Just in case" ;)
I wasn't going to start this one until next year, oh well! :)
Tail Feathers
by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.
My chosen fabrics - "Butterscotch and Roses"
I was planning on only preparing one block but everyone was
busy and entertained so whilst I was on a roll ......

I have left the pesky 1 1/2" squares for another day.
Have a great Saturday, I'm off to stitch with some friends :o)
hugs, Sharon


  1. catch up with you in a little while.....don't forget your crochet hook & wool! :) Barb.

  2. I love that quilt... been admiring it for some time and such pretty fabrics you have chosen... enjoy your blog meet....

  3. Do you ever sleep? It will be a lovely project to work on. Have a great day out.

  4. Sharon I got your super sweet package. I was at awwwww when I opened it. The little quilt you made is gorgeous I just love it in all it's vintage fabric glory. You spoiled me with all the vintage fabric squares and oh my the ornaments and little trinkets. You totally made my day. I am your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you.

  5. Lovely fabric,looks great in your project. Prep work always takes a long time so you have made a good start. Hugs....

  6. Love the quilt. Bought it & the jelly rolls when Birds Of A Feather was released & it's still sitting in the cupboard. :) Hugs,

  7. Love your quilt and also that fabric. In have some as well. Just waiting for the right project. I hope you have a wonderful bloggy meet.

  8. OMG Sharon, I'm sure smoke must come off you as you get so much done so quickly. I wondered if you managed to get a copy of Tail Feathers, I saw you ask for it on FB. If you want to sell it once you are finished, let me know, I have always wanted to do that one too. Tracee xx

  9. I'm part way through making this. It's a lovely pattern. Instead of 1.5 squares, piece 7 strips together and then trim into 1.5 inch columns. I think this works better.

  10. its so gorgeous Shaz,what a shame you did too much talking,lol,i enjoyed today so much,thankyou.xx

  11. Beautiful project !
    I love your fabric choice.

  12. lovely fabric, and you have made a great start!

  13. I have Tail Feathers sat in the cupboard all ready to start! I got the patterns from mother-in-law and the fabric from my parents for Christmas 2010. I feel I should finish other things before I start another (I know - doesn't normally stop me). I think I got the fabrics it was originally made in - your's is going to look stunning and I can't wait to see it finished - if your start is anything to go by I won't have to wait long!

  14. Great projects! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. How far is it from your place to Ballan? One of these days I might just get brave enough to come visit Mill Rose too.

  15. Oh I love Tail Feathers! you will do a great job of it Sharon...
    and i just LOVE Butterscotch & Roses, I bought a big ole FQ bundle of it recently for a quilt that's on my Plan.


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