Friday 16 November 2012

My Weekender Travel Bag

"Weekender Travel Bag"
I can't believe that I have done it!
I feel a huge amount of satisfaction with this finish
and am so pleased with how it turned out.
Want to see? I hope so because here it is ;o)
In all it's rainbow glory :o)
I flipped the stripes for the end pockets so that the yellow is at the top
of the "yellow end" and the green at the "green end".

I went with the Quilt as you go method for the rainbow panels and
the black each side of the zip. 1/4" straight lines.

Made the lining in Black with white spot and then added some pockets in solids.
I also lined the end pockets and the front and back pockets in solids
and used some Moda Twill and added some D rings for keys etc.
The front and back pockets are lined in Orange.
End pockets in the darker Blue.
Big pocket inside in a lighter blue and the
other pocket in pink.
Another thing that makes me happy with this bag is that is has only
cost me $1.38 - for the Zip!  Every thing else has come from my stash
and scrap tube.  Even the plastic for the bottom of the bag has been recycled.
The plastic is a couple of the bottoms from those reusable supermarket bags :o)
Also, as I didn't have any of the cord for the piping, so I left it off and I do not regret
arguing with that extra layer to sew this bag together. I used Batting scraps for the
panels and the 1/4" quilting to get the stiffness into it.
I would have loved to add feet though, but I have been unable to source them locally.
So who knows they may be added later.
So there you have it, My Weekender bag.
If you think you might like to make one of your own pop on over here
to see all the great ideas, tips and tricks to help you make yours.
I know that if I was to make another I would be adding some
extras just like some of the others have.
Guess what bag I am taking to the Blogger Meet up tomorrow :)
Now just need to decide on what to take to work on.
Will you be there?
Hugs, Sharon


  1. If you didn't bring the bag we would have made you go home to get it! LOL! It looks fantastic Sharon. You must be so pleased. I hope you've got enough money left for spending tomorrow after that big splurge of $1.38! See you tomorrow.

  2. lol at Christines comment,yipee i get to see it in person,well done Sharon.xx

  3. Wow its fantastic! Enjoy your day tomorrow showing it off and it is a wonderful achievement too.

  4. look forward to seeing you and your gorgeous bag tomorrow!!
    I can't decide what to bring to work on either?
    Don't even mention show and tell...

  5. It's so colorful and fun! Great job!

  6. Looks absolutely fabulous Sharon!!! I am loving how bright and cheerful it is!!! Hugs!

  7. WOW! Fantastic job Sharon, it's amazing how quickly you go it done - I am impressed.

  8. What a fun bag! Good for you on your accomplishment!

  9. Looking good!! I love all the colors with the black & white sweetwater print!

  10. Amazing work Sharon, no wonder you're pleased with yourself. And from scraps too! Have fun tomorrow.

  11. Ooooh, that is SPECTACULAR, Sharon!! I can't believe you finished it so fast! Wow. It really is amazing. And love the fabrics that you used. So gorgeous!

  12. Fantastic work Sharon, sewing and keep to your budget lol. I think the Studio Mio website has bag feet!

  13. Great work Sharon! I love all the rainbow colours - such a greatvwayto use up scraps :)

  14. I love the rainbow against the black text..... Fantastic. I'm amazed at the speed you get loads finished.

  15. Sharon, a masterpiece, the rainbow colours are great and love the text fabric, you did a fantastic job, am so, so, so jealous

  16. That sounds complcated Sahron but you got a great result. The girls will be happy to see it first hand tomorrow. Enjoy the meet up. Tracee xx

  17. Wow Sharon it's fantastic,I love everything about it.
    How did you get it done so fast.....
    Laura xx

  18. That is a beautiful bag! I love the combo of rainbow and black and white on the outside! :)

  19. Your bag is so great! I love the rainbow pocket against the text fabric on the main bag!

  20. Absolutely fabulous... I just love it... well done.... and I wish I could be at the meet so I could see it in real life... have fun and I have asked Christine to give hugz to everyone from me....

  21. This is wonderful! I think it is the best version I've ever seen! Yay for you!

  22. Looks great! I love the rainbow.

  23. Love the bag Sharon, I got my bag feet from Punch with Judy hope that helps :-)

  24. Love your bag! The quilt as you go combined with rainbow. Awesome! :)

  25. Love your bag! The combo of rainbow and quilted is awesome! :)


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