Sunday 18 November 2012

Sit and Stitch / Blogger Meet

Yesterday a wonderful group of ladies all go together
and enjoyed the second gathering of the
"Mill Rosie Friends"
at Mill Rose Cottage and Gallery in Ballan.
We had an optional designer swap with the designer being Annie Downs.
I am sorry that I don't have pictures of all the swap items but here are just a few.
It was a blind swap where you were given a number, bit like a lucky dip
and everyone was very, very lucky. :o)

Christine was very lucky to receive Anni's new bag
 from her book "Simple Things"

Shez got one of Anni's Pincushions in a hoop.
Fantastic idea to hang it on a wall. I know I would
have never been able to put pins in it so the hoop
is a fantastic idea.

I was super spoilt and got Anni's "Naught or Nice" Wall hanging
Thank you Shez, it already has pride of place on our Lounge Room Wall.

Melody got the "Project Keeper" made by Me :o)
I also received a Christmas Treat from Barb, thank you Barb 

and a beautiful broach from Christine, thank you Christine

and here is my new Wall hanging up on the wall :o)
The kids are currently on the Naughty side.
Well, until they realize and then I am sure they will change it around!
Now what is a great day out in such an inspiring shop without a little
retail therapy :)

These fabrics are going to become my new bag,
"The Stella Bag"  Linda has one made from the same fabric and
I have admired it so now I'm going to make it!
Thank you Linda for the inspiration and finding the bolt of fabric :o) 
OK, I do have more photos to share.
Show and tell etc. but I will save them for another day.
Thank you Ladies again for a lovely day out.
Hugs, Sharon



  1. Looks like you had a great day! Maybe next time for me...

  2. Seems like you had a great day. Lots of lovely goodies exchanged. Hugs....

  3. Oh it looks like a perfect day. Fantastic swap gifts. That wall hanging will bring you lots of fun, our names are changed constantly. And I just love your new fabric.......would make a great zipper bag (hee hee).

  4. What a fantastic day we had Sharon. All of the Anni Downs swap presents were gorgeous and I don't think anyone was disappointed with their gift!

  5. wow what an awesome day we all had and we got to meet some more awesome ladies,i enjoyed myself so much,i cant wait for the next one,lol.
    I am loving spending time with you ladies so much,lol,i didnt get much stitching done.
    Wasnt the swap items just stunning so many different projects that were made and all so beautifully made,what a clever group we are,and i am so glad you like your gift and hope you all have so much fun with it,lol,did notice the kiddies on the naughty side.xx

  6. What a fab day you had and all the gifts are gorgeous. I love the bag you made Melody.

  7. The swap gifts were amazing, very thoughtful and made with care. The photos are lovely and will help hold the memory of this very, very enjoyable day. Thank you all.

  8. looks like you all had such a lovely day.........lovely swap gifts meets are so much fun........

  9. Wow...look at those swap gifts....looks like an awesome day..

  10. It certainly was a fantastic day, I'll definitely be at the next one!

  11. Such a lovely day and lots of wonderful gifts exchanged...

  12. Its lovely to make friends something by hand and it looks like you all had a great time :)

  13. Sure was a fun day and nice to meet new friends.

    Lots of gorgeous projects to admire all round.

    Enjoy your pretty fabrics.

  14. Looks like you all had an amazing day out. Those gifts look amazing and I wonder which one of your kids will be the first to notice and change from the naughty side to the good side...wonder if you will end up on the naughty side...

  15. looks like you had a ball ;-)

  16. a great day out........we have our meet this Sat........can't wait......

  17. What a great day you ladies had! Love the swap items, Annis designs always make lovely swap items!


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