Monday 19 November 2012

OASS Summer Swap

OASS / Summer Swap

Do you remember me showing you these?

They went into making my swap gift for Donna and she has now
received them so I can share with you.
 Donna loves Lavender and all things Vintage so
I choose to use some reproduction fabrics
and make her a Table Runner.
I chose to keep the quilting very simple on this one and am
very pleased with how it has turned out.

It is the first time I have done a scrappy binding and I love how it looks.

I choose to use some "Paper Dolls" clothing fabric for the back.

And because it is almost Christmas I have included 4 Christmas decorations and also
put in a little notepad, a Craft Keeper for ribbon or thread and some Charm Squares.
And with a beautiful email like this it makes swaps, fun and rewarding.
Sharon I got your super sweet package. I was at awwwww when I opened it.
 The little quilt you made is gorgeous I just love it in all it's vintage fabric glory.
 You spoiled me with all the vintage fabric squares and oh my the ornaments
and little trinkets. You totally made my day
Thank you again Cheryl for organising these swaps.
Now to stalk my postie to see who is sending to me :o)
Have a great day,
Hugs, Sharon


  1. I can see why Donna was so happy with her parcel it is beautiful, the little extras are very sweet too.
    The scrappy binding looks fabulous.

  2. That binding is awesome. :) This is a very pretty mini quilt.

  3. aww how sweet was that email,its nice to know that your parcel was loved.That table topper is gorgeous and clever you with that binding,well done Shaz on a awesome swap package.xx

  4. As always Sharon you sent off a wonderful package... so thoughtful and your runner is just awesome...

  5. The table runner looks gorgeous, as are the roses in that vase!

    PS: I also want to invite you to enter the inHomewares giveaway at my blog. Enter for your chance to win $50 voucher!

  6. Donna is lovely and so are YOU! The gifts in the OASS were perfect for her! Great job... and I'm so glad you played along with us! :)

  7. Your runner is beautiful Sharon. I can see why Donna was so thrilled to receive it.

  8. I love the table runner Sharon. Gorgeous colours. What a lovely swap parcel to receive.

  9. You sent a lovely gift Sharon. I love the scrappy binding.

    1. As always sharon, your sewing is beautiful.


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