Friday 8 June 2012

Have to finish it now!

Vignette Mystery Quilt

Issue 7 of Vignette arrived in my hot little hands yesterday :o)

and as you can see from my progress picture above I still haven't completed 
the two centre blocks yet. I have stalled on the Appliqué.

Yesterday / last night, I traced up blocks 13 and 16

Not sure if you can see in the photo but I have written
the completed year as 2012!

I had better get to working some more on this project or I will be
 trying to change that 2 to a 3!

Nothing like a self imposed deadline to (hopefully) get me going again on this project.

Next, a little 

Retail therapy

Might just have to mix this Summersville bundle up with some solids for a play :o)

Also found these two charm packs on Ebay ..... eye candy at it's best :o)

Also arriving in today's mail is this lovely block and a mug rug from Jan in the 
Quilting Block Aust Swap.

Thank you Jan they are perfect and this block blends really well with the
other blocks received so far.  

I'm off now to dose up on some more medicine 
(anyone want a really sore throat and a pounding head?) 
and then hit my sewing space.
I have a couple of  swap blocks to make and a bottled rainbow block to also do.

Have a lovely long weekend (for those here in Australia),
 and if you are on the roads this long weekend
please travel safe.

hugs, Sharon


  1. Of course you will finish it this year! You're on a roll, sharon... it's looking great!

  2. It will get finished,plenty of time.Apart from which,you're are a bit of a super girl.
    Love all your pretty fabric bundles.
    Laura xxx

  3. And I hope you feel better to enjoy this long weekend too!
    Love ya work! :)

  4. People are always commenting that I am getting so much done, but you SERIOUSLY get a ton done all the time!!!!!!!

  5. The Vignette quilt is so pretty... and what lovely fabrics you are playing with next... looking forward to seeing it... hope the throat sorts out... grrrr we really don't need things like that to get in the way of stitching time!!

  6. I think its looking great and it is a huge amount of beautiful stitching that you have already achieved. I thought about doing this one but changed my mind and started farmers wife instead.


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