Monday 12 March 2012

Swooning some more

Do you remember the Swoon-along that took off ... and is still taking off?

It helped me get my Swoon Quilt out of the "to-do" pile and made in record time (for me).

Well the next stage of this "Swoon-along" starts today!!!!!

The group is now called

the swooning on a hop along

and it can be found over HERE

And the next round is the making of "On a Whim" or "Hopscotch" and of course Swoon.
There are no deadlines or pressure, just an amazing group of people all sharing
their journey making these lovely quilts.

I am panning on doing "Hopscotch"

No Y seams here .... yay

in Bliss (of course....I am on a bit of a Bliss roll at the moment)

The blue spots is for the binding and triangular points.
Solid Blue is the backing and I have ordered this

 Moda Bella Solid in Betty's Pink 9900 120
for the neutral (as pictured above)
I have been told that this color is a good choice for Bliss.
I hope so as I want a more "girlie- pink" feel for my quilt :o)

When it arrives I can make a start, but need to do some sewing on some other things first.
Taking a lot of my time at the moment is the

Vignette Mystery Quilt

I am still plugging away at the stitching on blocks 8 & 12 and now the next issue of Vignette is out I am working on the middle blocks, 10 & 11 also.

I so want to update this collage and only have the bottom row to go.

Which will be the next two issues of Vignette.

Have another Bliss full day,
Hugs, Sharon


  1. another beautiful quilt starting - bliss is lovely .... and vignette is growing....a real masterpiece...

  2. love your new bliss project, it is adorable.
    Can't wait till you have filled your vignette grid too! Too, too gorgeous.

  3. gee Sharon you are a goer,cant wait to see your progress.xx

  4. Ooh!! Loving this Hopscotch plan!! I have a Bliss jelly hanging around I haven't quite decided on something for yet ... Love it too much to make such an 'important' decision yet, hehe!!! ... And your Vignette looks GORGEOUS!!!

  5. I admire your Vignette work !! Bliss is a lovely range of fabrics !

  6. Hopscotch looks great...still need to get my Swoon finished.


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