Sunday 11 March 2012

Another Block of Christmas Fun & FNSI

It is a long weekend here with tomorrow being a Public Holiday.
We have been busy cleaning up the yard after all the rain
causing the weeds to reappear with gusto and of course the lawn
growing before our eyes.  On the up side everything is lovely and green :o)
and now everything is neat and tidy for Miss Lily's birthday next weekend.
Yikes...... I still need to sort out that cake!

We have also replanted our veggie patch for our winter crop
(we have never done a winter veggie patch)
so we are trying to grow peas, beans, snow peas, leeks and zucchini.
This is something that Miss Lily is showing an interest in, so it keeps us at it.

On the sewing front

My third Block of
Christmas Fun
I am loving this project

It is also sign up time again for

 for Friday the 16th March
Sign ups are here

Enjoy your day, hugs, Sharon


  1. Cute as a button - I'd do more gardening too if I had that inspiration. Thanks for the FNSI reminder - I am absolutley committing to it this time.

  2. what a cutie Miss Lily is Sharon and what a good helper she is.Your xmas block is looking fantastic,well done.xx

  3. Love your xmas block and well done on the gardening. We are having the lawn grow what feels like 6 inches over night! I dug and fed our vegie patch two weeks ago and planted all the winter veg seed yesterday. Not sure how you will go with your zucchini. It might need protection from the cold weather when it arrives. I'm betting earlier than usual this year.

  4. Bravo for your third block !
    Miss Lily is very cute !! I hope she'll have a great birthday !

  5. sadly queensland withholds the holiday until later in the year ... I have lots of work to do to get a winter vege garden going... miss lily looks much cuter and cleaner than I do in the garden! Love your block... it's going to be a great quilt...

  6. Can I borrow your helper.. I need my garden watered? She's gorgeous! Lovely block too! :)


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