Friday 9 March 2012

A "Bliss" full day

Bliss at its BEST

Postie came at lunch time today and handed over two parcels

Yay .... I LOVE mail that is not a bill!
Bonus if it has fabric of any sort in it :o)

I just had to tear into one ..... could it be, it might just be .....
it was .... yay

My Mini, in the Name Game Swap

How Cute is this?
It is just perfect
and now you can see why I am using the "Bliss" full references :o)

Indianna has done an amazing job making this,
HUGE THANK YOU to Indianna.

When I saw this one appear in the Flickr group I so wanted it to be mine
 (there were a few others I'd snavell in a heart beat also but the Bliss Fabric had me sold)

It looks like both Indianna and myself owe credit to Erin over at Why Now Sew?
for our inspiration in this swap as we have both used birds and mini Quilts on our quilts for this swap.

It hangs proudly in my Sewing Space :o)

A special thank you to Anorina for hosting this swap.

Oh, and the other parcel .... just some fabric!

Some BLISS fabric and a couple of word prints.
How is that for timing :o)

I hope that your day is a "Bliss full" as mine.

hugs, Sharon


  1. Wow - its gorgeous!! Love the fabric too of course!

  2. Your sign is just perfect... how very cute is that... and lovely fabrics... is that going to be your foundation quiltalong?

  3. your mini name quilt is just wonderful! Lucky you. Love your little mice quilt shop too.
    A very blissfull post!

  4. OH how beautiful is that Name quilt and it looks lovely hanging up. Lucky you.

  5. WooHoo.. your mat is gorgeous!
    Doesn't that sort of mail bring a smile to ya face!!!
    I'm so happy for you! :)

  6. Love your mini!! So gorgeous.. and love your new fabrics, your day sounds like it was "bliss"ful all the way around! xo

  7. oh i love it Sharon,lucky you and that fabric is pretty cute.xx

  8. Pleased you like it - it's a good job it had your name on it or else I would have been tempted to keep it! Now I can follow you and leave some comments instead of sneaking around here!

  9. Your blissful gift is totally adorable... you are so lucky. Indianna did a fabulous job making it.
    Honestly.... I can feel the bliss!

  10. Your mini is gorgeous! Lucky you! And those new fabrics are lovely too!

  11. Your wall hanging is gorgeous, how perfect for you!!


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