Thursday 8 March 2012

Something New - Monthly Make for March

My Mum came down for a visit yesterday. It was a lovely day. We went out for lunch, stopped for coffee and of course we did some shopping.  It was nice to have her come down mid week as I (almost) got her all to myself. Hope that does not sound to harsh but normally she would be here on a weekend and with my 4 kids bidding for her attention I don't get a lot of time with her as mother and daughter.  So yesterday it was just Mum, Lily and me :o)

Anyway, back on track, in one shop I was in one Isle looking at something but wanted a different color then I went around to mum and what did she have in her basket?  Exactly what I was looking for!  A quick chat and she was going to make one for me .... yay

But, when we got home I decided to give it a go myself.  So a quick lesson from Mum (with crochet hooks!!) before she left and then a quick drive again for me to get what else I needed .... proper needles.

Any idea what I'm on about?


I don't knit,
I have never knitted
but I also had a "get out of jail free" card with mum. 
I could mail it to her to do for me  :o) 
Nothing like a fail proof back up plan, thanks Mum.

I started with this

Have you seen this yarn. It is like a lace

and it knits up like this

Now I have this Scarf and you only need one ball of yarn.

Thank you to my model xx
Now I have the needles I might think about making another.

I am also going to link this one up as my
Monthly Make for March

Enjoy your day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. I find knitting a mystery so I am very impressed. Lovely scarf.

  2. Very nice!! I got a couple of balls of yarn, similar to that one (only without the pompoms on the edge) just after Christmas ... Was going to make them both up while away on holidays, but I just found it SO frustrating!!! Lol! I don't really like having to stop and start all the way along a row like I do with this!! Oh well, maybe in another few years I'll try again, lol!! ... I do love the scarf in that yarn though!! Looks great on your model!!!

  3. I have no idea how to knit that sort of yarn, but your results are gorgeous! Seems a few bloggers are getting the knitting bug at the moment...

  4. whow Sharon i love it,beautiful colour.xx

  5. That scarf is such fun...

  6. It's gorgeous Sharon... well done too! :)

  7. Oh Wow Sharon that is just gorgeous well done....I think I may have to start tonight....thank you..

  8. OHHH Sharon that scarf is gorgeous and in colors that i love. I fond it funny that my sister sent me some wool and i started a scarf yesterday after i found the lovely Peg from Happy in Quilting put up a u-tube link out came my needles and i am half way through making my first lacy scarf. I love the wool that you got with the lovely pom poms on it where did you pick it up from. So happy that you and your mum had such a wonderful day. I am off to take a photo of what i have done.

  9. Lovely new scarf Sharon, just right for autumn.


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