Wednesday 7 March 2012

New York Beauty QAL - 1st Block

Yesterday morning when I was sitting here going through blog posts
 over a cup of Coffee up pops the Blog post for the first block of the

New York Beauty QAL

Arghhhhh what am I going to do?
and where did the time go, I am so unprepared.

Deep breath, stand back and look at my fabric stash.

Not a lot in there to do a scrappy mix and no bundles that I wanted to use.

Would love to play with Batiks but no $$ for fabric this week :(

OK.....lets start somewhere ...... with solids?
I grabbed out every solid that I have

Not enough for 4 blocks without repeating a color
Standing back at the fabric stash again,

Word prints??????
Pulled them......don't have many of these :(

Did see potential though :o)

OK... templates printed, breakfast dishes were still in the sink and I had been no where near the laundry but I did have some meat out for Tea :o)
Oh...... Miss Lily had agreed to a PJ day  Fantastic ...... here we go!

Now, to keep it REAL
here are my reject blocks for the day!

A lot of lessons learned in these blocks
so off to take two :o)

Happy with my color choices this time around
but imagine how great they would look if it went light / dark / light. 

Now to sew the curves  ....... grab a strong coffee, put tea on
(yes it really took me that long to get this far)
remember to breath and go for it!

I have not trimmed the blocks yet or sewn the four together.

I am not sure how I am going to lay out the blocks I will be making so I am going to do the trimming and squaring up at a later date.

I do like this idea on layout though

So are you game to jump in on the QAL with me?
Just click on the button below and it should take you to all the details.

Sew Sweetness
Enjoy your day,
I've got some more paper piecing templates to print out.
Oh .. and yesterday laundry to do :o)



  1. Love the blocks you have done - great colours x

  2. not sure whether to consider you a good or bad influence???? I love the colours you have chosen and I think I'm in.....

  3. I would be there in a moment BUT for the upcoming wedding and family staying over!... and laundry of
    Good luck and I'll watch your progress with delight! :)

  4. wow Sharon you amaze me,nothing is too hard for you,you jump straight in and give it your best shot,what an inspiration you are.xx

  5. I strangely love foundation piecing so I am in too, this will be for hubby and he likes the same layout as you. Off to dig out my batik fabrics and start sewing :)

  6. I love yours with the solids and word prints....very cute!

  7. LOL! Where do you find all these QAL's?!! *giggle* Boy do I have a bad case of envy when it comes to your ability to just get in there and get a whole lot of stitching/sewing done!!! You never cease to amaze me Sharon!!! ... I am loving that block!! And the quilt layout is gorgeous!!! ... This will be another gorgeous finish in no time!! *sigh*


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