Tuesday 6 March 2012

Dear Farmer, It felt like the longest wait.

Do you remember this picture?

It is the digital mock-up of the fabrics (sashing and border) that I auditioned for my

Farmer's Wife Quilt.

I like how they looked and ordered them way back in early January.
Well guess what has EVENTUALLY arrived

I love them in real life too but now,
can someone please help me find my mo-jo for this project!

hugs, Sharon


  1. the fabrics are just gorgeous. I hope you find your mojo quickly as it will be so beautiful!

  2. I'm so impressed by your digital mockup. How great to see what the quilt will look like before you order the fabric. Love the fabrics too. Hope your mo-jo returns with a vengence and you get that quilt made super quick.

  3. How about..... this is the only quilt-along we're both doing where I am ahead of you, and you really need to set the world back in balance! :) It's going to look fantastic when it's finished - maybe try some of the easier blocks to get you back in the rhythm?

  4. lol,Sharon you proberly need a break or even better a holiday as you have done a powerful lot since xmas,oh and they are lovely i will also dothis one one day.xx

  5. Your fabric choices are so beautiful and look perfect with your blocks, I'm sure you will be inspired to finish this soon!

  6. I think we're in the same boat!! I have seriously lost my mojo with my farmers wife too. I love the colours I'm using, I like making them but I just don't feel like it! Although I have now just finished my 4th Swoon Block. I am loving making this now I've finally got started!
    Hang in there. Pick a day and say, I shall do one block today and then go from there. I can't believe how much you can achieve with 4 kids. You are doing a great job with everything!
    Take care, Therese.

  7. I was having a bit of a mojo problem with my swoons last week too, it must be going around! I hope you find it eventually, just as the fabric found you. :o) It will be a gorgeous quilt when finished! xo


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