Saturday 24 March 2012

Stitching the week away and what next?

This week has been a little stitching on a lot of projects.
Here is a round up.

I have finished the hand quilting on three blocks .... only 6 to go!

Vignette Mystery Quilt

Still plodding away at blocks 8 and 12
I want these finished so I can get back to the centre blocks
This section truly does feel like it is taking forever to do.

As part of the Little Bit French Swap Cheryl over at Willowberry Designs is sharing
a pattern a month and this week I have finished the first two designs and made a start on the next one.
Here are the first two.

And the mail man was super kind to me this week :o)

I am now ready to start my next project in the

with the arrival of my pink solid fabric.

Just need to get out and buy a new blade before
 I attempt to cut all this fabric up.


Also arriving this week was my first button and fabric pack for
Lynette Anderson's new Mystery Button Club, Fernhill.
I am loving the colours in this one and as much as I would love to start it now
I really think I need to finish something off ... lol

I would like to thank everyone who sent an email on our loss of our beautiful Pug Molly.
Your words and thoughts mean so much, thank you.
16 years with this beautiful girl and I miss her so much.
I have so many memories of her that I will cherish forever. xx

and just to top off the week that was..

I spent 5 hours at the hospital last night with son no 2.
He injured his knee yesterday at school and is now in a brace and on crutches.
The tendon has become detached from his knee cap and he has a couple of small bone chips floating around.  I am awaiting a phone call from the Orthopaedic surgeon this morning.
Possible MRI and surgery.

Don't think he will be playing much football this season :o(

Arggh    ...... this is a week I don't want repeated.
Thank you for stopping by,
I think I might just go and grab another strong coffee
and start that Hopscotch quilt :o)
hugs, Sharon


  1. you have lots of lovely projects... are you continuing with NY beauty? I still want to do that one... Ouch... your poor son.. he must be sore... the joys of parenthood? Enjoy that coffee....

  2. Hope things aren't too bad for your son's knee. Enjoy your stitching projects. I am about to knuckle down and do some sewing at the machine today.

  3. lots of stitching happening at your place this week. It's all so beautiful!
    It starting that Hopscotch quilt makes you feel good then go for it I say.
    Hope you get good news about your son's knee.

  4. I hope your boy is back on 2 feet asap Sharon, my fernhill button and fabric arrived this week also, and I LOVE your new Swooning along pattern, I have been eyeing off the Hopscotch pattern lately. Big squishy hugs again for you all for the loss of Molly.

    I plan on stitching the remaining small quilt blocks today before I settle down tonight with 25 hexagon centres to stitch on.

    Happy swooning xx

    1. its got to get better Sharon,what an exhausting and emotional week for you,take care and i hope your sone heals quickly.xx

  5. Oh your poor eldest son is going thru a similar thing...hope all goes all your projects...

  6. My brain hurts reading all your projects and then I literally when OOOOWWW! really loud when I read about your son. Poor baby!!!

    Beautiful stuff, as always Sharon! I am so glad I found your blog!!!!

  7. That Hopscotch pattern is going to look fabulous in Bliss! Hope you have a better week this week!

  8. All your projects look beautiful, you are making great progress with the Vignette quilt. So sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is doing well. Wendy xx

  9. Hi Sharon. I have just been catching up on your blog. What a time you have had! I am so sorry to hear about Molly, very sad.
    Your quilt looks gorgeous, and to have got so far so quickly! You amaze me!
    I'm waiting for my Fernhill button to arrive from Oz, but like you I will be putting it aside in order to get some other things done first. It looks great though, can I ask where you got your fabric kit from?


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