Monday 26 March 2012

Hopscotch in Bliss

I started to cut this one out Saturday after a "week to forget". 
It turned out to be great "therapy" and kept my mind busy :o)

So let's recap. 
Saturday morning I started with this

by Sunday lunch I had these

all 77 of them :o)

and by lunchtime today I have this

The pattern is Hopscotch by Camille Roskelley
and there are NO "y" seams in sight and it is not
as scary to make as it may look.

Now I just need to trim the edges, buy some basting spray, sandwich and quilt!

And an update on my No 2 son, Dec. 
The doctors have decided not to do an MRI/surgery but to give
him (his knee) a couple of weeks to start to heal and then reassess. 
They are fairly confident that the tendon has not completely torn away from the kneecap. 
Hopefully this non invasive treatment plan is the best option for him. 
He will still be in a brace for 2 - 3 weeks and follow up treatment,
physio for up to 3 months so the football season for him this year is almost written off and
this fact is harder for him to deal with than the pain and discomfort of his knee :o(

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today,
hugs, Sharon


  1. whow Sharon you are amazing,your quilt is so pretty,those fabrics are gorgeous,glad to see you son is on the mend,lol,i can imagine missing the footy season to be the the hardest thing to bare.xx

  2. Sharon that is stunning....your darling boy, it must be very frustrating for him and you....

  3. WOW, WOW & WOW!
    I can't believe you have pieced this together so fast!!
    It looks stunning. Well done! I love it.
    Good luck with your son's recovery. My eldest son had to sit a soccer season out last year, very frustrating! (for him & me!!)
    Sometimes sewing is just the best time-out for mums!
    Therese xx

  4. Now I'm going to have to get that pattern too. I just love that quilt and you got it together so quickly. I hope your son's knee heals with the rest and he doesn't need surgery. Prayers for both of you as he recuperates.

  5. So sorry about your son's bad news about the season. :/ But I hope his knee makes a speedy recovery! You are soooo fast! I can't believe you just whipped that up in a weekend's time! So beautiful.. Love it! Sewing is great therapy isn't it?

  6. I do hope this sorts out for Dec.... frustrating for him.. and you I guess...
    the quilt is sensational.... just lovely... and you have got it together so quickly...

  7. You have done an amazing job on Hopscotch Sharon!! I am in love with your use of colour (doesn't hurt that I love the fabric range!!)!! ... Wishing Dec a speedy recovery! Will be praying for full healing!!

  8. Mine is cut out and it's so tempting to sew today but I have project instructions to write up for Fatquarterly which must be done today.

  9. It looks Fantastic! I may have to rethink that pattern...

  10. You are a machine! The quilt looks amazing!
    All the best with your sons treatment, better to forego one football season now than have a wrecked knee for life!

  11. better news about your son, thankfully!
    I can't believe you have pieced that so quickly! Now that sort of therapy is what I want. It looks amazing. Congratulations on a fantastic finish!

  12. Your quilt looks beautiful, you are amazing! I hope your son's knee makes a speedy recovery.

  13. Good news for your lad.
    Oh wow that quilt is stunning,there must have been sparks flying off your sewing to

  14. I love the quilt... it is gorgeous!! I love Bliss it has the most gorgeous colours

  15. Now I think I want to join in the Hopscotch game too. Yours looks fantastic and blissful too!

  16. Wow, now that was fast & what a beautiful result. I love your quilt top. I can only imagine how frustrated your son is about missing footy. Hopefully a gnetle recuperation will ensure many eyars play to follow. Tracee xx

  17. maybe I should look as I type - obviously I'm dyslexic at times! Should have typed 'gentle' & 'years' hahaha


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