Monday 19 March 2012

Hippie Birdie Baby Girl

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Lily

I am not sure where the last three years have gone!
You are an absolute joy to be around
and you brighten every ones day.

Yesterday we celebrated your special day with family and friends and every where I looked there were smiling faces. We could never ask for anything more, and what is a birthday without balloons, especially Abby Cadabby ones.

We all love you to "the moon and the pool and back"
(Lily added the "pool" mid summer)

The Cake ...........

Do you remember my "brief" from Lily?
"a rainbow Abby Cadabby cake, please mummy"

The cake was a HIT :o)

and I didn't forget about the rainbow part of the request :o)

Yum Yum.

Another birthday cake to be made today to be shared by us all this evening
 .... maybe chocolate this time?

So many special pressies, but look at this one

She has been wanting a Sewing Machine for so long that she got a little sad when Santa didn't bring it, but that is OK now as Nanny and Pa have got her sorted :o)

I am so looking forward to teaching you everything you want to know.

and at this rate you will have your own blog in no time!

Where did my baby girl go?

Love you princess xxxxxxx


  1. Your baby girl will always be with you. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy a wonderful day making more beautiful memories. Awesome cake.

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Lily.... lovely post Sharon.... she is a real cutie....

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Definitely a day to remember :)

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Lily...What beautiful pics.

  5. Lily looks so proud of herself and her beautiful cake. Well done on the rainbow Mummy.

  6. your are a super Mummy !well done.The cake looks so yummy.aww Lily is so cute.My boy is 3 as well time has def gone so fast! a sewing machine is on the list for my girls this year. :D


  7. She is adorable! Well done with the rainbow cake. Very impressive! What a lucky girl getting an Elna! Is it one of their little models that they have put our recently??

  8. OMG look at that cake,exactly what Miss Lily asked for you are so amazing Sharon there is nothing you cant do,and you do everything so well,you are very inspirational,love your work,and how cute is your Miss Lily.xx

  9. Happy birthday! What a great cake too.

  10. What a precious little girl & wanting a sewing machine already - yippeee! She will be putting us all to shame by the time she is 5 if she is anything like her mum. That is the best cake! What great fun. I have a third birthday party this weekend for my workmates little girl, can't wait. Tracee xx

  11. Aw,happy birthday miss Lily,hope you had the best time ever.That cake is just wonderful.xxxx

  12. OMGoodness your daughter is gorgeous !! !! !!
    We did Abby Cadabby for Miss P's 2nd birthday


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