Tuesday 20 March 2012

Last minute request

Journal Cover

Keegan had a birthday party to go to on Sunday morning and came to me lunchtime on Saturday, about the same time I was baking Lily's birthday cake, and asked if I could make her friend a journal cover to go with her present ......

So whilst the cakes were baking I made this for her friend

Sarah spends a lot of time writing and given my time restraints I thought the word prints were perfect.

Keegan loved it and the gift was well received.
Now I just need to stress to Keegan a little more,
that more notice for such a request, actually, any request is a good idea :)

Enjoy your day,

Hugs, Sharon


  1. It's lovely Sharon.... what a great gift - such fine stitching...

  2. What a great idea for a present
    Bet she loved it

  3. what a beautiful gift to whip up at such short notice Sharon,well done,it looks fantastic.xx

  4. Oh so very clever of you to whip one up. Nice work there Sharon. It made a wonderful gift! :)

  5. Beautiful Sharon!!! ... I'm not surprised it was well-received!!!

  6. Nice work. Where did you find the print fabric?

  7. Haha. Gotta love last minute requests. Yours turned out lovely!

  8. It's lovely - I like the ricrac book mark idea.

  9. That's our young'uns for you. Think we can do anything. You did very well to make such a gorgeous journal cover in such a short time. Well done.


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