Tuesday 20 March 2012

I found more hours in my day!

Do you Pin?
Do you like Pinterest?

I am was a Pinterest user.  

If you do nothing else today and have a Pinterest account.........you must read this blog.  

It is in your best interest and might just save you from a lawsuit.

And whilst I am at it,
Please DO NOT pin anything from my Blog
especially the photos I have on here of my family.

Now I don't use Pinterest I can get rid of Facebook!  Yay I just got back more time in my day.

(Sorry for the two posts in the one day but I just had to share the above
so whilst I am here let me share how else I have got some time back in my day/week)

So talking about getting time back in the day, I am hooked on this ...

I shop once a fortnight (we get paid monthly ..yuck)
We have a family of six under roof and can extend out to (up-to) 10
 on the weekend when my step children come over so  
I have a very well organised pantry and probably should have share in Tupperware
as my pantry and fridge are a great advertisement for them!

So being organised with grocery shopping is huge for me and I HATE grocery shopping.
Now I have my shopping lists saved and sorted in groups
(Pantry, cleaning, fridge, freezer and personal items)
and I can do my grocery shopping in minutes and ON LINE.

I do have to admit though that I am a little fussy so I still go out and do the shopping for the Fruit, veggies and meat and the best bit, it takes no time to do and now I can shop around for a better price and the food budget goes way further :o)

So now a pay someone to do my shopping for me
for a nominal delivery fee of $5
My food costs have dropped, I can pick the delivery time
and I have more time to spend with Miss Lily
and my sewing machine,
not to mention that my mood is much better on shopping days as I don't have to
argue with the worst trolley in the store, breaking shopping bags,
getting everything in the car and out the other end
and getting it into the house
(the delivery driver puts it all on the kitchen bench for me).

(This is by no way a sponsored add for Coles,
I am just sharing a service that is working for me and has me hooked)

If you have any tips for getting more time back in your day I would love to hear them.

Have a lovely day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. very interesting Sharon,i have always been meaning to have a look at shopping online and just havent got around to doing it,i think i will try some of your ideas,thankyou.xx

  2. No Pinterest or Facebook for me. Such time-suckers. The blog and blogging worlds are bad enough. So, welcome back to the land of reality and sewing. (And not too much shopping!) :)

  3. Hi Although I think Pinterest is potentially a fantastic personal reference tool, issues of copyright mean I have decided to disable pinning on my blog for the time being. You can find out about the "opt out code" at http://pinterest.com/about/help/ If you scroll down to the section "Linking to your Blog or Website" and click "What if I don't want images from my site to be pinned" there's a bit of HTML code which you can copy and paste into your blog code as follows. Go to the design page of Blogger where you have the option to "edit HTML" of your blog - click on "Edit HTML" and this shows you the code. Have a read down through it until you find the section that begins "head" (in angle brackets) and paste in the copy you made just below it. After that, when someone tries to pin from your site they get a polite pop up telling them that they can't pin.


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