Friday 10 February 2012

QAL's - The Farmer - Oh My Stars - Rose Star

The Farmer's Wife QAL

Back into the swing of things this week with 2 blocks

No. 61 - Northers Lights
No. 58 - Mother's Dream

Oh My Stars QAL

Three more sets of stars since I last blogged about this one

"Frosted Tip"

"Chevron Star"

"Patchwork Star"

That makes 8 sets of stars so far.

Rose Star - Paper Piecing

This is my third one so far.

Have you ever backed up your Blog?

I have not really given it any thought.
Didn't even realise it was an option. 
But that doesn't surprise me as I am not a techno type of girl.

But after reading this **blogger Scare** post I figured there is no time like the present.

It is really simple to do.
If I can do it you can to, it is that easy.

The backup saves to your hard drive so if anything happens and your blog goes missing, you still have it to put back up :)

You can also save your template ... great idea, especially if you are like me and you keep tweaking your template :)

So if you have two minutes spare how about you go to
 the backup instructions here and backup your blog.

Hope you find this a little help full.

Enjoy your day, Sharon


  1. what lovely blocks Sharon,you do so well with your colours,you have a real talent.xx

  2. We didn't have just a scare - our entire blog crashed. We had backed up our posts, thank goodness, but lost our entire template and had to re-create it. LESSON LEARNED. We now back up on a regular basis! Until it happens, you don't know how much a backup can save. The thought of losing two years of blog posts and tutorials would have been devastating!

  3. Your bits and pieces blocks are lovely. Just plugging away at them all. I need to get in some sewing time, soon, or I might become very cranky!


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