Monday 6 February 2012

A day of mixed emotions

Already my emotions are all over the place.  Why?

My "baby boy" turns 14 today.

Secondly, my other "baby boy", Declyn, starts his secondary education today

and as grown up as these two young men want to be they will still pose for a photo just because I asked :)
and that just melts my heart every time.

Here they are this morning, all ready to go. 
 Aiden is taller than me now and seeing them together like this makes me wonder how they were ever confused as twins when they were toddlers.
There is only 18mths and 4 days difference in age.

Enjoy your day at school boys.

And just to top off my emotions and make it three for three.

Do you remember how both our cars went out in sympathy with each other nearly two weeks ago?
Well our second car has had its f/end bearing replaced and hubby went off t work this morning, no worries.
The other car, our main car, went into be fixed last week. It had everything from the fuel tank to the engine replaced after a bad dose of fuel.  Ouch that was expensive.

Well I was taking the boys to school this morning and to cut a long story short, I got half way and the damm thing just stopped and would not go. I ring hubby, he gives us a life home, boys walk the rest of the way to school and now that car is being towed back to the mechanic.  

Like I said, a day full of emotions, of all kinds.

I'm off mow to give Miss Lily the biggest cuddle ever!

hugs, Sharon


  1. hugs to you Sharon,your day will get better.Yes the kiddies grow up so fast.xx

  2. Such handsome boys ... Happy Birthday to Aiden and all the best to Declyn for high school... such bad luck with the car... I'm sure Miss Lily's cuddles helped....

  3. Its so hard watching our children grow up. My boys start school next week so no doubt I'll feel exactly the same as you. My eldest son is in year 10 this year and I often think... where did that time go. They'll always be our babies.

  4. Happy birthday to your Aiden! Hope he had a wonderful birthday.

  5. Such mixed emotions about them growing up, right?


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