Sunday 1 January 2012

Vignette Mystery Quilt Progress

Anyone currently working on this quilt will tell you that it has a LOT of stitching and requires a big commitment to stick with it... well at the moment I am still with it and manly thanks to the centre blocks. They have been a welcome change to the border blocks and I have enjoyed working on them.

In the beginning, if I knew what I know now, I doubt that I would have taken this one on.
But, with that said I am pleased that I am doing it and I am super pleased that it is taking shape.

I have now finished two centre blocks and am now working on blocks 5 and 9.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy stitching, Sharon


  1. Yours is looking wonderful. I fell way behind on this last year when I got golfer's elbow (from stitching, not golfing) and aim to at least catch up a little in the next few months. Although it's a beautiful quilt I think that if I'd actually sat down and made myself realise that yes - that border IS going to go all the around the quilt I would never have started it! It will be well worth the effort when it's finished though I think.

  2. Gorgeous Sharon. There are so many beautiful designs out there to decide betweem.If only there was the time & money to do more! Tracee xx

  3. Your blocks look lovely! I read your blog nearly every day and I love seeing what you are making - we are doing a couple of the same online quilt-a-longs and you are ahead of me on most, but it's inspirational and you keep me going! Thank you so much for the inspiration during 2011 and I wish you lots more happy stitching in 2012! Happy New Year

  4. It looks sooooo beautiful. I'm inspired to actually start it this year.

  5. I love this quilt you and others are working on. Is there a way to purchase the pattern and instructions. I am in the U.S.


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