Sunday 1 January 2012

Cracker Swap

Lisa over at My Little Creative Wonderland hosted this fun idea for a cracker swap. The idea was to take a 5" piece of board roll it and create a cracker that would be filled with notions for your partner then wrapped in fabric.

I was lucky enough to be paired up with Kate over at Show and Tell.  If you have not seen her blog yet I suggest that you pop on over. She is super creative and productive.  She is always creating stuff that I would love to add to my every growing "to-do" list.

Kate also has a love of all things "Hatched and Patched" and is very lucky to live near Annies Shop "The Home Patch" so with this in mind I decided that my cracker would be a little inspired by Hatched and Patched an no longer be a cracker but a Bon Bon ... even a somewhat over sized Bon Bon to fit all her goodies in :o)

And what was inside the Bon Bon ..... hopefully things that Kate can use,
all in the colors that are quite often seen in her sewing projects.

5 different colored Ric Rac
5 Matching Ribbons
F/Q of Fabric
Embroidery Thread
Assortment of Flower Buttons
Cute Quilter Scissors Button
Container with an Assortment of Red and Green Buttons
and of course some Bells .... just wish I could have found some rusty ones like the ones that Kates uses quite often.

Kate has now opened her cracker/Bon Bon so that's why I can snow share here with you.
She is teasing me today with this pic she posted on her blog today :o)

Beautiful Fabric and I can't wait to see what is inside ... my inner child is coming out :o)

Hurry up Mr. Postie .....

Happy New Year


  1. I love my cracker Sharon filled to the brim with wonderful goodies.....It took a lot of restraint to wait and open it after Christmas but I am so glad that I did....Yours should arrive to you any day now....I don't think you will be disappointed....Sorry about the a great day....Hugs Kate...xo

  2. How the fabric yours is wrapped in I have used it in a quilt. My cracker is coming from Ireland am waiting with much anticipation.

  3. oh Sharon i love what you sent !! hehe kate is funny teasing you .Hopefully your arrive tomorrow!! oops is tomorrow public holiday ok tuesday ..
    thanks for being a great swapper.


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