Monday 2 January 2012

1st of Many?

Fabric House Ornament

It is easily 40 deg here today. Everyone is flat and not doing a lot.
So instead of just laying on the couch I decided to have a go at making one of these.

This is my first one and as soon as I have finished with this post
 I have plans for a second one.

These are so easy and addictive to make :o)

If you would like the free tutorial to make some of your own
or to join in the swap just go visit my POST HERE for the details.

Happy stitching and stay cool.....the Aussie Summer is here now!

hugs, Sharon


  1. sooo cute just gorgeous the color tones are so pretty..
    yep our summers are HOT. is pretty muggy here and all i can smell are my 2 daughters they got tinkerbell purfume for christmas and they have sprayed it everywhere on the plus side the house smells nice.


  2. Very cute! Love the bird...

  3. Charming! Daughter and I will have to make some.

  4. Very sweet.... I can see a whole village appearing at your place!

  5. I just love these little houses. Plan to make some as gifts for friends.

  6. Really beatiful those littlte houses
    Happy new year

  7. this is fantastic! thanks for joining my swap, i can't wait to see all the lovely little houses:)


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