Wednesday 11 January 2012

Vignette Blocks 5 and 9

I had been neglecting everything else I have been working onto get this project to this point but I am now pleased to say the I am half way ...... still two block or one issue of Vignette behind though :(

Blocks 5 and 9 are now finished

and for the overall look so far ......

I don't think that I will be rushing to start Blocks 8 and 12 as my right arm was feeling the strain of all that stitching so time for a break from this one for a bit.

Enjoy your day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Wow, wow, wow - it looks fantastic - well done on getting to the half way stage. I really must get mine out again!

  2. Just lovely..... I do like the way you present it with the blocks still to be done faded..... such fun to see it growing...

  3. you are progressing so well with this project Sharon,well done.xx

  4. Sharon, thank-you for sharing your progress, it is very inspiring! How many hours do you think it took you to sew that border section? Thanks!

  5. Well done i am only up to block 4 :(

  6. Hi
    I love this panel, it is superb
    But how do you do these photo montages?
    I am very interested
    See you soon

    1. Hi Christine, you show as a non-reply blogger so I am unable to answer directly. I use Photoshop. Hope this helps. Sharon

  7. It's wonderful to look at your work !! It's like you tell me "you can do it !" It's such a beautiful quilt !

  8. Looks great.
    2012 has to be my start.
    Have all the fabrics ready to go.
    Everyone will have theirs finished before i get started.


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