Thursday 12 January 2012

Swoon-along Fabric Selection

Fabric picked
In my previous post on the Swoon-along I was toying with two options for my fabric selection - same as the original (I have a thing for Camille's fabrics) or using Hometown ..... well I have gone for neither.

I can't afford to be buying fabric at the moment so I "shopped my stash". Now you will have to use your imagination a little here as I haven't broken the fabrics up with the white, but I think  hope they will work.

I started with this FQ bundle of "Olivia's Holiday" by Tina Givens for Free Spirit, spread it out and auditioned some solids.

Un-inspiring here but .....

What do you think?

It's bright and out of my comfort Zone!

I will be cruising the Internet now to decide if the solids or the prints will be in the centre of the blocks.

Being I have saved some pennies on this one by "Shopping My Stash" I might consider buying a bundle of this eye candy when it's available, just for me ........ and "just because" :o)

Modern Vintage by Bonnie and Camille for Moda

No real surprises here :o)

Enjoy your day and your Creativity.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. oh Sharon thet colours are stunning i think this quilt will be quite spectacular.xx

  2. Haven't seen that design before AND it's wonderful! Your colours and prints will work I think. You have a good eye so I'm sure whatever you pick.. will be perfect! :)

  3. Great fabric choices... what will you swoon along background be? By the way I am learning lots by seeing how you do things with your fabrics... I really like the idea of getting some plains to match a mixture of fabrics

  4. I think your colour are wonderful...its good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes.

  5. Your colours are great, I love the selection that you have chosen.

  6. I agree, the colours are great. I think I should go out of comfort zone more too :)

  7. Fantastic colours, I love the solids you've chosen. I have my eye on a FQ bundle of Fresh Vintage too and one or two of the new patterns.

  8. I love your selection of fabrics for this quilt Sharon!! Still deciding on mine, though I am thinking of using some of the Henry Glass Nine Dots fabrics I got in half yards end of last year ... just gotta decide on plains, or if I'll just use the plainer fabrics... not sure ... also, waiting on my pattern to arrive :)


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