Friday 13 January 2012

Blankets of Love

Sometime last year I found out about "Blankets of Love" 

It is a wonderful initiative started in Australia in 1992 by two sisters, one a midwife and one a quilter, to offer beautiful small quilts to parents of babies who have died at or around the time of birth as a lasting memento.

Then out of the blue I saw a link on a blog that I read all the time.
I decided then that I should do something and make some quilts but as some best intentions go, I did not.
I will not dwell on what I did not do, but concentrate on what I am doing about it this year.

This is my first "Blanket of Love"
It measures 26" square and is made using a "Puttin' on the Ritz" Charm Pack.
I finished the binding yesterday. All it needs now is a very simple
label saying "Blanket of Love" then it will be ready to mail up to

 See, it was on Cheryll's blog that I saw the Blanket of Love link on.
Every year Cheryll collects Blankets of Love from those who kindly make and donate them and then once a year she takes them to the John Hunter Children's Hospital  NICU unit where, sadly, they are given to grieving family's.

Cheryll also has a Blanket of Love Blog if you would like to take a look.

If you are interested in making a Blanket of love have a look here for instructions.

If you love the idea but just do not have the time,
 but do have a spare charm pack or suitable fabric
you are more than welcome to contact me and I would be
honoured to make a Blanket of Love from your donated fabric
and send it to Cheryll to pass on to the hospital. 

This was an idea started out of Love....
but unfortunately continues out of Need....

hugs, Sharon xx


  1. Just over a decade ago my nephew was born and only lived for half an hour. My brother and his wife were given a blanket of love, some beautiful hand made clothing and a wash cloth to keep. It gave them a physical reminder of their short time with their baby. It is a precious gift which you are giving.

  2. That is a gorgeous blanket of love! What a wonderful thing you are doing. I will have to check out that link.

  3. It's a great initiative... I hope to do some this year too...

  4. Such a beautiful blanket Sharon!! It looks to be a fairly simple pattern too! ... I do so love that range!! ... I am hoping, if I can make the time, to do some myself this year too just like Fi. Hugs!

  5. Oh Sharon... I don't know what to say...Thank You doesn't seem enough!
    I appreciate the advert too...extremely well said!
    I'm off on Monday to the John Hunter Hospital and then next month to the Wollongong Hospital also. Hugz :)

  6. Hi Sharon,I read your post and thought it a lovely idea.Your blanket is beautiful.I am truly blessed having two beautiful daughters and two lovely grandchildren.I have since been online and found the site in U.K and will be making some this year.hugs xxx. Laura


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