Tuesday 10 January 2012

Playing with Stars

After making (almost) all those pesty little 4" stars with the tiny pieced centres I decided to look at the pattern and divide it up. Once I'd done this I saw that there is one block that I could make if I had just one other star in another colour ......

and while I'm at it red also!

So I pieced this block together (as per first photo) and grabbed out my Rainbow thread.

I have had in my mind what I might like to do to this quilt. I wanted a hand quilted look but didn't want to do all the layers so I looked into a Quilt-as-you-go method.

So the aim is to do the Rainbow thread quilting with just Parlan ironed onto the back and then, when the top is finished, baste as normal with batting and then just quilt "in the ditch".

This is how my first block looks and I think it is what I was aiming for but maybe on future blocks I wont do the rainbow thread all the way to the edge as it will be lost in seam allowances. I will just go back later as the blocks join and finish it off.

I used the rainbow thread on my Hexagon wall hanging and have been wanting to play with it again.

Also decided to go back and play with the plan and some pencils. I wanted to get an idea of how things might be looking / balancing out.

and now I can see another block almost filled (top left) so now on my design wall is this

with two more star variations due this week I may just be able to piece this block as well.

Can you tell it is school holidays?  My blog posts are going up at night, the only time I can get any serious time at the computer :o)

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  1. Sharon gee its looking good,well done.xx

  2. This is going to be another gorgeous quilt from you! It's looking beautiful already.

  3. This is looking really good Sharon!!! I love how you've planned it out too - what a great idea!!

  4. You are taking a no-fail approach to this... so your quilt will be wonderful I'm sure! :)

  5. Sharon... it is so great to see how you do all this... such good planning pays off..... it will be awesome.

  6. I love the hand quilting, and I'm interested to see how this process works for you when you put it all together. I've never heard of it before. :)


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