Monday 9 January 2012

Christmas Angel Swap

Karen over at Mrs. Martins Quilt Shop is hosting a

Christmas Angel Swap

Spaces left are limited so if you are interested pop on over Here

The next bit has been taken from Karen's Blog for your Information

Let me explain what the Christmas Angel Swap is.
At the end of next week l will send out an email to those who have signed up to be Christmas Angels. The email will have an easy to fill in questionnaire. I want to find out what your favourite types of fabrics are, what your Christmas colours are etc.
Once l get your responses l will pair up the Christmas Angels. I will forward the your questionnaire to your partner. They will have some idea of your colours and will be able to make your gives to suit you.
Then l will give you a list of things 10 things. Most you will make but some you might raid your stash for. You may need to purchase something small. The aim is that you make or collect something, one for each month so that you can pace yourself.
On December 1st you will pop your goodies in the mail and post them off to your partner. We'll decide on the day that you will open them. And then if l ask nicely you might send me a pic of what you received.

If  you have already signed up for the swap and got your acceptance email (remember numbers are limited) and you would like the Blog Button please either visit Karen's Blog or copy it from above.

I am personally looking forward to this as it will be my first Christmas Swap and I like the idea of the list or one item a month :o)

Enjoy your sewing, I've got my House Ornament Swap Partner, Hi Lisa, so I'm off to "Sew a house" or two (they are a little addictive)

hugs, Sharon


  1. lol,lol,hello my name is Sharon and i am addicted to swaps,lol,i am exactly the same Sharon,have fun with your houses.xx

  2. hahahaha oh my me to hahahaha

  3. Yay, I am doing that swap too, I decided it would be my main one for the year! I love all your recent sewing of stars and the latest BOM you've joined looks amazing.


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