Monday 9 January 2012

Frustration leads to something new!

I feel like I have been up since the crack of dawn and so that I would not wake anyone I went and sat in the lounge room and finished off my Dragonfly block for In My Garden (Block 2).

Yay, super pleased with myself.
Went and Ironed it, then off to trim it to size. 
A few profanities later and I have thrown it across my cutting table in disgust. 
I don't know how but the three dragon flys are easily 2" tall and the block is only meant to be 1 3/4" tall  ..... the math on that one just wont work no matter how I hold my tongue. 

So in utter disgust I made a coffee and landed here ... in front of my Computer reading blogs and what pops up in the second post ......

That's it.... I'm in!!!!!!
I don't need any pushing on this one, especially being it is on my to-do list for this year :o)

So let it be said ..... In My Garden is on a break, after all I am not totally sold on Needle Turn Applique and maybe only one project with Needle Turn at a time is more me  .... watch out Some Kind Of Wonderful Quilt, I should be back with you soon :o)

Now back to the Swoon Quilt-along.

Katy over at Monkey Do is hosting the Quilt-along and there is also a Flickr Group here if you are interested.  As at the time I am sitting here typing there are already 170 members.

Now, any suggestions for fabric?
I am torn with going the same as the original


Or in Hometown, which is a favourite of mine or something different again.
I am open to suggestions.

Which ever way I go I will have to purchase fabric and that won't be happening until the kiddies are back at school ... dreaded book lists and school fees!

So, in revision.  My early morning frustrations have turned into excited anticipation :o)

How's your day going?

Hugs, Sharon


  1. I hate it when that happens...Swoon will give you something positive to think about. I have joined up too and also don't know what fabric to use!

  2. Oh Sharon - I have just spent the last hour reading through the posts on the Flickr group and looking at the photos and trying to resist temptation. I walked the dogs trying to justify joining. All I succeeded in doing is coming up with two alternative reasons to join. Then I saw that you had jumped in - it must be fate. I am a weak person. So I shall be joining you and the 170 others!

  3. Oh - I was trying to resist this. I've seen a few posts about it in Blogland and have so far avoided clicking on the link! I have had my pattern for quite a while and I have my fabric...was trying to finish a few things off before starting. My fabric is Kate Spain's Terrain. Sorry to hear about your dragonfly frustration :( seems like you deserve a little treat after that unpleasant experience :)

  4. Whow Sharon you are a robot,lol,you are sewing all the time,i wish i had your energy.
    I love both colour ways for the quilt,though i think i am leaning more to the last one,good luck with your colour choice,either way it will be fun for you Sharon.xx

  5. oh... those blasted dragonflies... those are the times we need some fairy dust fixers....
    looks like you will be doing a bit of swooning... another lovely one.

  6. Either fabric will look great in Swoon. I have the pattern sitting here and decided to put my Delilah by Tanya Whelan FQ bundle with it. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Hi Sharon, I'm just loving your blog! And those Star blocks in your American Jane are just stunning!
    I too am struggling to finish a quilt for one of my twin daughters with some needle turn applique. I don't think it's one of my favourite techniques!!
    I found the new flickr group for the Swoon yesterday. I am going to join as I have the pattern & fabric (I'm using Ruby) since last Oct. I think I might also do a smaller sized one in American Jane & pick out my all time favourites.
    Keep up your lovely work, look forward to seeing your Swoon!
    Happy sewing, Therese (lovethatfabric)

  8. Swoon is already on my "to-do in 2012" list, but I have too many WIPs to get through at the moment, so it will have to wait a bit longer. :( For now I will just audition fabric and dream!


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