Sunday 8 January 2012

Oh My Stars ~ Week 3

Oh my...                             WHAT?

That was something like what I said when I saw the centre of this block!

It was not a problem or a concern when you are working on a 12" block
or an 8" block but hang on a minute ... for the 4" block .. the block that I am making 5 of!
That means that the centre, which has 32 pieces in it will need to be a mere 2.5" square
(and I thought that some of the Farmer's Wife blocks were testing)

Let me give you a little idea of how small the pieces are for the centre wonky star ...

The instructions said that this block was not for the feint hearted  ..... not wrong there! :o)
The squares on my hand in the first row are only 1"

I started with the largest block and worked my way down.
The small ones are very time consuming but I think, worth the effort.
I still have a couple more of these little ones to do .. maybe in a couple of days :o)

This Quilt-along has been going slow over the Christmas break but is about to kick it up a gear so here is just a  quick review of what I have done so far.

I am keeping with each star design being of one colour - there will be 15 different variations of the star.

Week One - BLUE - Simple Sawtooth Star
Week Two - ORANGE - Pinwheel Star
Week Three - GREEN - Sparkling Sawtooth (Wonky Star in the centre)

Each Week I am making 1 - 12" Block, 2 - 8" Blocks and 5 - 4" Blocks
A total of 111 blocks.

Despite my initial concern / shock about this block it is nice to be working on a project that has no embroidery on it :o)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy what is left of your weekend.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. These are looking Gorgeous!!! I might just need to jump on the bandwagon and make myself a starry quilt!! ... Those sparkly stars look amazing!!!!!

  2. Oooh, that's scary ;-)
    I have made just the first 12" star block for this QA - testing the waters if you like ;-)

  3. Hi Sharon..
    I'm doing this quilt too. When I saw the instructions yesterday I thought... mmmm maybe only the 12" and the rest just plain...But they do look quite good in the other sizes.... We'll see... You have inspired me to have a go in the small size at least.... Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I have yet to start this one because I was like you when I saw the center and knew how difficult of a time I was going to have doing it. Yours look great and it give me courage to start mine this evening. I LOVE the green.....sooooo pretty! Great Job and thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Whow Sharon they are looking fantastic.xx

  6. Hands down you ROCK! I would totally be swearing at that block haha..ive joined my first ever block bee i have to make 6 12.5 easy maybe but i havent quilted much at all so will be a good challenge.


  7. I think you are a brave woman!!!! taking that block on.. so good for you. It turned out fantastic too... so you are very CleVer indeed ! WooHoo :)

  8. Oh my goodness, those are some tiny bits. The finished stars are amazing. Especially the little ones.

  9. Beautiful! I am waiting to get started until I finish a few other things. And get my fabric together. But, yours look great!

  10. Oh, my, you are a VERY brave woman!! And your work is spectacular!!! Thank you for sharing!! Kris

  11. I'm making this quilt too and, to be honest, I find the small stars difficult even on the plain sawtooth pattern! No way was I going to tackle this one.... I really like your fabric choices!

  12. I adore your fabric choices, you may have more patience than I with the latest block...still thinking about including those.

  13. Haha! I must admit I thought the same thing when Tong emailed me the design, but you totally rocked it!


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