Thursday 27 October 2011

Aiming towards some finishes

Lily's Picnic Quilt, Xmas Table Topper (matched my newly completed place mats), a Xmas swap project, my stitched Xmas Wreath and of course my Hexagon Quilt.

All basted and ready for some attention.

Some may remember that I have tried to quilt the hexagon one once before and it ended in a huge mess with me pulling it all apart so this time is "take two".  The plan is to machine quilt around the flowers and hand quilt the centres and when all that is done I will assess the situation and decide f I want the straight lines like Leanne has done on hers in Vignette.  Fingers crossed that it's "second time lucky" for this quilt top.

Summer warning for all.

I love living here in Australia but I HATE these ......

Can you see it? (Sorry I am looking away so that's a NO for me!)

Hubby was out doing the whipper snipping whilst my youngest son was mowing the lawn and he (my son) saw this not so little fella.  Eww .........

And on a brighter note, do you remember Ruby?

She is off on her long journey home to her new "Mum" today, all the way to France.
I love it when my babies head off overseas as it's like a little bit of me gets to travel the world.

Enjoy your day and happy stitching,


  1. So amazing and life-like! Wow! And those quilt tops are gorgeous! Good luck with all of that quilting. :o)

  2. Bravo for all your finishes !!
    I wouldn't like snakes in my garden too !!!!

  3. How spooky, I went to move the hose yesterday and there was a Brown Snake in the garden bed.
    Less than a metre from me.
    Now I'm carrying around the shovel. Lol.
    Your hexie quilt is so nice, well done.

  4. Your little baby is divine, and going all the way to France!

    and eww I hate snakes too. We had one last week here


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