Friday 16 September 2011

I am not a Gadget girl BUT

I do LOVE my Kindle!

My family gave me this last Christmas and I LOVE it.  I have a burnt Orange cover and now a Red cover that has the built in light, which I would like to add is great for when the light is getting low or your in bed reading and you don't want to keep your partner awake.  I am always throwing it in my bag as I walk out the door, never know when I get the chance to read a page or two.

I have found though, that it (the kindle) has a habit of hiding receipts (they seem to slide in under the cover) and it also collects dirt and crumbs (side effect of going in the handbag and me having a toddler with me constantly) so a couple of nights ago I sat down with a note pad and did some sketches etc and the following morning I grabbed out my Fav Jelly Roll........ Ruby, and started to create what was in my head an on paper. 

After a little play and a dash off to Spotlight today for some self covering buttons this is what I have as an end result :)

My very own KINDLE COVER!

and I LOVE it

I think it is so pretty and I still have a lot of the Jelly roll left for another project.

and the best bit is that I now have the confidence to make another as my heart desires, or when I see another fabric that I just LOVE!   lol

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend, we are off to the Junior Football Presentation Night tonight for Master D.

Happy stitching this weekend, Sharon


  1. Nice idea and the end result is very pretty.

  2. This is beautiful!
    I have had the same thought in my head for a while but have been too lazy to make one! Same reasons though... love the amazon kindle cover- hate the crumbs! Thanks for sharing now I know it works it might be the push I need! :)


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