Friday 16 September 2011

An early Christmas Finish

Christmas Bags

My two Christmas bags are finished thanks to a very productive afternoon whilst Miss Lily was asleep and also thanks to a little late night TV once everyone was in bed.  Want to see?

One is for my 2.y.o. daughter Lily and the other is for my one and only little Nephew Liam (who I loving refer to as "My little Man") he is 10 weeks younger than Miss Lily.

Backs all pieced together using what scraps I had left.

I followed the pattern instructions for Liam's Christmas Trees but did Lily's in a chain stitch to make them a little bolder and I like both ways!

I am so pleased with how these have worked out.

I have made them using Natalie Ross's Book called, Get red red ready for Christmas and I have used Lynette Anderson's new range of fabric called "Scandinavian Christmas".

Also, I have joined all the creating people over at

So many creative people over there, I could spend many hours reading and gaining even more inspirations to sew and create.

Thank you for stopping by,
Happy stitching, Sharon


  1. Adorable bags Sharon! I'm sure they will be treasured for many many years to come!

  2. Your bags are so cool!!! I really like the rework. Just perfect for Christmas. Hugs--Sandie

  3. Such a nice idea Sharon! These bags are adorable in Christmas fabric. Made with love, indeed!

  4. Your bags are gorgeous, I love the fussy cutting in the middle of the stars. What a treasure they will be for the little ones.


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