Wednesday 17 August 2011

A New Quilt is now a WIP!

That would be the Vignette in Stitches Mystery Quilt .... have you seen it?

I have been wanting to bite the bullet and start this one but have been procrastinating, There are so many wonderful versions of it appearing over on the VIGNETTE BLOG that I just didn't know what fabric to use, torn between the original and a more earthy country version.

I had been doing some looking around on the Internet for a while but was unable to find the complete range of the "Sweet Broderie" by Lecien and then I had to find the Basics .. it all seemed to hard ......

Well that was until went into one of the local Patchwork stores and low and behold what was sitting on the shelf ...... yay was this the final nudge that I needed ....... YES!!!!  lol   and would you believe it was in a store that normally stocks what I call the country fabrics, not the brights that this quilt was designed in!

So that bundle was mine ..... Now to get the rest and this was easier than I anticipated. I am now one very happy camper with a pile of eye candy on my cutting table!

I also like to be very organised and have discovered the storage boxes that Scrap Booker's can keep their paper in  (those who do Scrap booking - which I do not - will already know of these, but I didn't!) They work like a charm and are very reasonably priced .....

I'm off to get more now to store other WIP's in to keep them all organised.

Happy stitching,


  1. Looks like you are set for Vignette. I wish I had the time to start it but I already have way too much on the go.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  2. Nice to Meet you Sharon...I Love the Original Fabrics in the Vignette Quilt too...
    Looking forward to seeing your progress..

  3. lovely to meet you Sharon,enjoy the world of blogging,i am also vignette mystery quilt but it has been at a stand still for a while,lol,to many other things got in the way.

  4. You have a lovely blog. I put myself as a follower and I want to follow you with your Mystery Quilt in Vignette. Good luck with it all.

  5. I like your storage box, looks like the perfect size! Where did you find it? I have the fabrics but am unsure as to whether to start it.

  6. I too have the fabrics but no start as yet. I love watching the progress and really can't wait to start stitching........I also love your new machine!! Happy Stitching, Susie

  7. I too am wanting to make this quilt, though am having trouble finding the full range of Sweet Broderie. Can i ask the name of the 'local patchwork store' you were able to find it? I love the progress you have made on your quilt top too (been reading through since the latest post, 30/8).
    You have a new follower here too!


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