Thursday 16 January 2020

STORAGE IDEAS FOR YOUR THREAD  aurifil artisan topic

This month Aurifil has asked of their Artisans to talk "Storage".

Now, if you have been here for a while you will know that I have shared many photos of my sewing spaces over the years and I find it a space that has evolved with me and the size of the space I have at any given time.

Approximately 7 months ago we moved which meant that I had the opportunity to 'refine' my space again.  I find if I have a messy or cluttered creative space my mind is 'muddled' and if I have a clean(er) space, my mind and creativity reflects this.  

Anything new that comes into my space is given and home and I try to be disciplined that it goes back to that space when I have finished with it. Well, that is the plan :)

This is one side of my current space. What you can not see is my computer desk along a blank wall and the end of my cutting table on the far wall that is also the home of my Brother Scan N Cut.

I have two of these height adjustable tables (from Officeworks here in Australia). One is my cutting table and the other is for my sewing machine, yes I stand to sew, and a little ironing station. My Raskog Carts from Ikea fit perfectly under my table. One stores a couple of crochet projects and the others have some secret sewing in them :)

What I would like to show you today though is my thread storage.

You will notice the blue draw units over in the back right hand corner (also from Officeworks here in Australia), they are where I store all my threads. Safely tucked away from direct sunlight, dust and my Pugs!  

Did you know that exposing thread to direct sunlight can cause a loss of strength in thread and can lead to spotting or fading of the thread colour, regardless of brand. Dust on your thread can also lead to tension and other problems with your sewing machine and no one wants that.

My threads are sorted by weight with each draw clearly labeled.

I also tend to buy small spools of coloured thread to keep on hand for projects as sometimes you never know what colour you might need. As these small spools become empty I replace them with a large spool of that colour. It is a great way to build a thread collection with a lot of variety. 

 When I am working on a project and have a selection of threads out, most of the time I like to keep them in pretty bowls or on plates. Totally unnecessary but seriously, they look so pretty like this so why wouldn't I :)

These are my recent purchase (above) - Aurifil 12wt in Cotton and they are an absolute delight to work with. I will share more of this project soon.

With my 80wt threads that I use for my English Paper Piecing though I like to keep them in this 'Bobbin Saver'. I find that it stops the thread from becoming unravelled, it holds the spool nice a snug and is convenient to throw in a project bag for when I take my sewing out with me so I have my most popular colours with me.

If you scroll up and look at the second picture in this post you will notice that I have a round red bobbin saver under the table of my sewing machine full of bobbins ready to go also.

One more tip for you before I go. Did you know that thread has a nap or grain? To explain this, think of your thread like a piece of wood.  If you were to run your hand along a piece of wood with the grain you most likely won't get a splinter, go against the grain and you will. Keep this in mind when you are threading your needle for hand stitching.  Try to remember to thread your needle from the end coming off your spool and knot the end that you are cutting. You will now be sewing with the Nap or grain of the thread and not against it. This can then reduce the chance of thread breaks.

I also like to use a Thread Balm. It provides a protective coating to the thread and can help reduce tangles. It helps thread glide through your fabric, especially if you are working with heavier weights and hand quilting.

Thank you for stopping by and until next time,
Happy Stitching,
Sharon x


  1. I love your sewing room and all of your storage spaces are just lovely. It feels like an inspiring space to create.

  2. Great creative space and so neat and tidy. Great plan to have multiple bobbins ready to go, and wonderful bit of info about the thread nap...I never knew. And I love your glass jars filled with hexies! ❤ Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Sharon, with most of my local craft shops SYDNEY metro closed I need to find a good source to buy my Aurifil threads from , like the ones you purchased before Christmas. Would you mind sharing where you bought your spools from and the colour numbers?
    Thanks for your always insprinibg blog ♥️🥰
    Hugs Robyn

  4. P.s. I mean the Aurifil Floss ♥️🥰

  5. Wahoo! What a fantastic and creative post. I'm sure it will motivate to others. You continued to publish post like this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Perth Italian Restaurant

  6. I wish we had such a storage unit in the US. Nothing with shallow drawers like that except cheap plastic ones. I hope I find a solution. Lovely room, lovely post-Cindy


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