Monday 2 October 2017

Tulips, a finished quilt and a Kokedama or two!

Each month I receive the "Liberty Society bundle" from Ava and Neve and I was determined that I was going to use the gorgeous Liberty Fabrics and not just stash them. So once I saw the gorgeous

"Diamonds and Squares Quilt" 

by Emma Jean Jansen from her book, By the Bundle I just knew that this was a project that I could slowly add to each month when my bundle of Liberty fabrics arrived, knowing that I wold have a beautiful quilt when it was finished.

It is my favourite time of year in my home town of Bendigo, the Tulips are flowering so it was the perfect time to take my new quilt out for some photos and yes, weird looks from the tourists!

The Tulips are just stunning and if you happen to be in the Bendigo area for the last week of the school holidays I strongly recommend that you stop by the Tulips. You can't miss them, they are on the main road that goes right through town.

I also discovered a new to me shop.
"Living Gifts Bendigo"

If you are visiting the Tulips, look across the road and locate 'Grilled'.
You will find this little gem just a couple of shops down from Grilled.

I have started to add some indoor plants to our home over the last few months so I was super excited to find this store. These two Kokedama's came home with me  and I will be visiting again for a few more plants.

"Dare to stand out"

"Quilt Stats"

Pattern - 
Diamonds and Squares by Emma Jean Jansen 
from her book 'By the Bundle'.
Block size - 8'
Finished Size of my version - 56" Square
Fabric - Various Liberty Prints
Fabric sourced from Ava and Neve

Now to find a new pattern that I can continue to use my Monthly Liberty Bundle for.

Any suggestions?

Until next time, happy stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Gorgeous quilt and fabulous place to take photos!

  2. This is beautiful, such a feminine spring fell to it. I want to make this quilt too, I have a lovely stash of Liberty that is just begging to be used when my other WIPs are finished.

  3. It turned out sooooo beautiful! My stash of Liberty has been waiting because I have not yet decided how to use it. Perfect idea!


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