Sunday 3 September 2017

Pretty Handmades Book Showcase

Today is my turn on the "Pretty Handmades" Book Showcase.
Lauren's new book is is full of beautiful Felt and Fabric Sewing projects.

Each project is teamed with detailed and beginner friendly instructions.

I decided that my first project from Lauren's new book would be the

"Posie Patchwork Pouch" 

I enjoyed adding the Hand Quilting in a co-ordinating Aurifil Floss.

I also decided to make the tabs at each end a little bigger.

I didn't have a lace zip on hand so I have used a regular zip and added my lace to it and I also added a running stitch through the lace using the Aurifil Floss.

The August Liberty Society Bundle works so well with the Sparkle Essex Linen and Lauren's beautiful pattern.

Lauren, huge congratulations on your new book 
and thank you for being there for the chats during 
the writing process for both our books xx

Here is the list of the talented makers that are participating in Lauren's Book Showcase.
Be sure to pop on over and see what they have made. I am sure that we are in for some beautiful makes in each makers own style.

  1 Sept 2017     Lauren Wright                   
   2 Sept 2017     Jemima Flendt                
   3 Sept 2017     Sharon Burgess            
 4 Sept 2017     Lauren Nash                               
5 Sept 2017     Sarah Edgar     
   6 Sept 2017     Ange Hamilton     
 7 Sept 2017     Elea Lutz                               
  8 Sept 2017     Sarah Scott                          
 9 Sept 2017     Martina Bahre                      
10 Sept 2017   Heather Andrus                 
 11 Sept 2017   Faith Essenburg           
12 Sept 2017   Alisha Orlando                  
13 Sept 2017   Bev McCullough                        
14 Sept 2017   Stacy Olson                       
 15 Sept 2017   Ali Phillips                         
 16 Sept 2017   Mollie Johanson                 
17 Sept 2017   Kristyne Czepuryk                       
18 Sept 2017   Xanthe Grundy                             
19 Sept 2017   Anne Oliver                               
20 Sept 2017   Larisa Shurupov                      
21 Sept 2017   Sedef Imer                     
22 Sept 2017   Wynn Tan                         
 23 Sept 2017   Veronica AM              
  24 Sept 2017   Minki Kim                                          
  25 Sept 2017   Elise Baek                              
 26 Sept 2017   Megan Price                             
   27 Sept 2017   Nadra Ridgeway                        
28 Sept 2017   Ayda Algin                                    
 29 Sept 2017   Jodi Godfrey                               
  30 Sept 2017   Lauren Wright                   

Also, Lauren will be hosting a giveaway at the end of the Book Showcase on her own blog and Instagram, so keep your eyes open for that.

Happy stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Sharon, thank you so much for joining the Pretty Handmades Book Showcase. I absolutely love the prints you have used for the Posie Patchwork Pouch. It is absolutely lovely. And thanks for being my book buddy too. I couldn't have done it without you x

  2. This is so beautiful - love the colours. The book looks so great.

  3. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. This is such a lovely pouch, Sharon! I absolutely love the Liberty prints you picked for this projects and the way you made the lacy zipper. Beautiful!


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