Thursday 6 April 2017

Oh Deliah

In about October of last year Jen Kingwell announced her new Block of the Month for 2017.


I love Jens work so I signed up immediately through Jens shop Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.
This Block of the Month is a little different as every month it comes with a set of templates. So not only are participants making Jens "Delilah Quilt" we are also collecting a set of templates that can be individually used to make more blocks or quilts.

Month one has arrived and as you can see I went for the Template and Fabric option.
How could I not, I just love Jen's scrappy style.

This month we were to make two of the blocks and here are mine :)

Did you notice the fussy cut in the one above?

And together. 

I am also going to add in a few of my own fabrics as I go. The more the merrier.
This month I have added a few low volumes, plainer than what was included to help my colours pop.

One month down and I am on track!
(I don't have the best track record with BOM's so I am pleased to currently be up to date!)

Next block arrives in a couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x


  1. Wonderful blocks! I'm sure you'll enjoy using the fabrics Jen has picked, she does it so well!

  2. These blocks are gorgeous. Very striking. This is going to be a fantastic quilt.

  3. The blocks you have done look very pretty xxx I would love to do a beginner block a month one time :)

  4. I would have so loved to participate in this popular, sold out everywhere!! Its looking great by the way!!

  5. I too have bought a kit with templates from Amitie. I would love some hints on how to use these plastic templates. I had trouble with slipping and getting my rotary cutter around the template. It seems to be very slow compared to drawing around a paper template and cutting it out with scissors. I am in desperate need of help with how to use plastic templates. I love reading your blog and seeing your amazing work.


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