Friday 16 September 2016

Playing my my scrap bins - Pineapples anyone?

Pineapples Anyone?

You know when you see something online, instantly you love it but you scroll past because you have so much on the go but then you find your thoughts turning back to it. Well this happened to me nearly a week ago. I was scrolling Instagram as one does and Julie at Intrepid Thread had posed about a new tutorial over on her blog with the following image.

You can find the tutorial HERE.

I knew that I wanted mine to be a scrappy Bonnie and Camille version as my scrap baskets are overflowing.  I am not sure that this will make much of a dent but I will try :)

I have set myself a little target of trying to make at least one a day.
Five days in and five blocks made, so far I am on track.

School holidays start today and the addition of this little cutie to our family last week might mean that I don't stay on track but I will try :)

Meet Elly,

For those of you who have been with me here for a while will know that we said goodbye to our last Pug, Molly, just on 4 1/2 years ago at the age of 16. It totally broke my heart. She was with me before I had my own kids and was the only constant in my life through a very hard time for a while there. 

The only pets we have had since have been fish! 
It was time to fix that as I was ready to love another Pug again and Miss Lily was becoming more fixated on dogs in general.  Hubby is more of a big dog person but oh well :)
 The breeder did warn me that Elly had the 'biggest personality' from the litter and that is true but in true Pug form she changes from a, lets just say, handful to a sleeping ball of Puggie fluff that looks like butter would not melt in her mouth.

Photo shoots will have a slight added degree of difficulty now ........

But I would not change that for a thing.

Expect to see more photos of Elly pop into my Instagram feed and here on my blog.

Time to prepare another block.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x


  1. Very cute, blocks and especially the pup!

  2. love your blocks, and the cute little Pug pup adds so much to the pictures: who cares if they are blurry!! :-) She's a doll!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  3. Elly is adorable and a perfect addition to the quilt photos. Congrats!

  4. Sorry about Molly ♥ Nice blocks ☺


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