Saturday 12 September 2015

Lollies for Lily

I am sure that my Miss 6 lays claim to almost every finished quilt 
in this house and this one is no exception.

"Lollies Quit"

My favourite Bonnie and Camille fabrics are "Scrappy Bonnie and Camille"
so with this quilt I dived deep into my scrap containers and I couldn't be happier with the final result.

Bendigo is known for its Tulip display (I LOVE Tulips) and they are just starting to open so I decided to take this quilt to the Tulips for its photo shoot!

If you are in the Bendigo area in the next two weeks I can highly recommend a visit.
The Tulips usually last 2-3 weeks but its all dependant on the weather.

A few fun shots from our morning out.

If you have been following my quilting journey for a while you will know that I do love a double sided Quilt, well this one is no exception :)


I have been very lucky to participate in a Quilt Block Bee where the theme was 'Bonnie and Camille' so I have quite a collection of various sized blocks so for the back of this one I dove deep into my B and C Block box and pulled out some blocks and made my back.  

I love that this quilt has some special blocks made for me by some special friends.

Quilt Stats

Pattern is "Lollies" by Camille Roskelly at Thimbleblossoms
Fabrics are all Bonnie and Camille
Finished Size - 64" x 74"
Quilted in an all over Edge to Edge by Linda over at LadyBug Quilting

You know how I said this kid lays claim to almost every quilt, well its now on her bed.
All I can say is that she has great taste ;)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Enjoy your day doing something you love,
hugs Sharon x


  1. I don't blame Lily laying claim to all the quilts,they are all so gorgeous.this one is a very pretty quilt,love quilts with two fronts.Lily is a beautiful model.xx

  2. It's a beauty, front and back. Love the shot around the shoulders of the statue.

  3. Its always fun to take a quilt on a photo shoot..

  4. Gorgeous photos Sharon, Love your quilt.

  5. Love your quilt and the back looks fantastic too. Great idea for all of those blocks.

  6. What an amazing quilt & I especially love that you have made it double sided. I am a tragic Bonnie & Camille fan too. Xx

  7. Gorgeous quilt! and showcasing beautiful Bendigo, love the gardens!

  8. Did they close the streets of Bendigo down so you could take such delightful photos! Love all the ones on the statues! And of course Lily loves it....

  9. I can see why Lily loves this gorgeous quilt, its so pretty. I adore the scrappy border.

  10. I think that you have made a lovley quilt.
    Very nice colours togheter.



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