Thursday 16 October 2014

Amazing .....

Do you see it?

And it's here too.

Arn't these Layer Cake bundles so cute.

So what is it....

by Bonnie and Camille is in my house!

This week has been a great one for fabric goodies in the mail.
First off were these.

The next day there were these :o)

Can you see my new Red Crochet Hook?
It has Bling :o)

Oh these also arrived.  Just as well my new hook did too!

Did you  notice that there were 2 Jelly Rolls.
One for my "Tower of Bonnie and Camille" and one to play with.

I am in love with this range. I wasn't sure that I would like it but now, seeing it in person,
it is so close to becoming my favourite Bonnie and Camille Range to date.

What are your thought?

Hugs Sharon


  1. It's gorgeous Sharon. Look forward to see what you make

  2. Oh you're a bad, bad girl Sharon! Can't wait to see what you cook up with it all :)

  3. Oooh fantastic. Lucky you getting your hands on it so early.

  4. So are you going with or without food this week? LOL You're worse than me luvvie ;)

  5. I love Daysail. The inclusion of navy in the line made me love it straight away. Such a great idea to get two jelly rolls!

  6. Hi your Bonnie & Camille stash, do you by any chance have any Ruby FQ's you wouldn't mind selling me pretty please? I did the unthinkable thing and fussy cut something when I only had 4 fq's (probably needed 6 for fussy cutting this project)...anyhoo...hindsight I'm madly trying to grab some from wherever I can...I have 2 weeks to finish the project (along with making sure all the other swap gifts are complete!) but am at a stand still...and this one project is the one I think my partner is hoping for...she's commented about it often enough lol

    Let me know if you have, I can do either bank deposit or paypal hun, whichever suits you...if you can help me out that is :D


  7. I love it! Not that I have any, but I love the colours in it, and love that it works for little boys too.


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