Monday 13 October 2014

New bed means new quilt right?

"Big Game"

It's time for a new masculine quilt.
(In full disclosure, I started this one before we moved 
and it is currently in a box somewhere)

First the fabric pull.....

Lots of tracing, cutting .... that is a LOT of antlers!
and fusing.

I've had a play with layout.
Think I might leave some blocks blank.
Now to decide, quilt as I go, if so order in some batting 
or sent out to be quilted therefor just stitch down the deer.

Until next time.
Hugs Sharon


  1. I have a brother who would LOVE this quilt....I'll have to remember it for his 60th! Great fabric choices too.

  2. fantastic pattern! love the fabrics too...
    have fun with all that applique, those horns look a little fiddly.
    I know you will enjoy it all!

  3. Looks fabulous! Really love the colours - are the fabrics from Parson Grey?

  4. Yes, this is definitely a masculine quilt. I haven't see this one before. It's looking great, Sharon.

  5. What a fun quilt.... I always love to see your patterns and fabrics...

  6. Great quilt and fun design and fabric.

  7. What a great project to be working on... FUN xox

  8. Great colour choice! And those deer heads are fun!

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  10. Oh deery me, it looks great

  11. Shoot the deer and sew the fabric. Can I say that? Lol, it will be amazing whatever you decide.

  12. This is fabulous - all those antlers scare me. Would be a great use of a scanNcut... Can't wait to see this finished and on the bed. Great work!


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